A successful morning


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I have been after a Buck that has been coming into a large country house for a couple of weeks now. However due to work pressures it has only been possible to go out on weekends. I had gone out the previous evening and once again had seen the buck vigorously marking but as before he was on the neighbours ground. I knew this was the same buck that was crossing a small river to mark on my permission. Realising that he was not going to be with me until well after dark, I took the decision to leave and come back in the morning.
Saturday morning saw me up at 3.15am and on the ground by 4am. I'd decided that an different approach was needed so snuck through the grounds of the house to the outlying paddocks behind. The previous week I had seen 2x does here and thought that this route would give a better approach to the field where he had been marking. The light was starting to gradually come on so I made my way up a hedge carefully checking to make sure that nothing was lying down. Upon reaching the high point in the field I carefully glassed it. Bearing in mind that the grass was nearly waist high I knew that it was going to be difficult but to my surprise there he was, 150m and heading my way.
I carefully backed up into some trees and now had a waiting game.
One of the reasons I personally like the .308 at this time of year is because of its ability on short range shots not to be deflected by any unseen grass. The grass really was tall enough that once or twice I lost sight of him.
Whilst waiting my thoughts turned to Dexter my Teckel, who at the moment I'm having a tough time making him understand that he supposed to be able to track these things. Should I wait for a clear shot and heart shoot it (thereby getting it to run) or should I neck shoot it when in range. I thought I'd just wait and see.
Eventually the buck worked his way up to me and as he was looking like he was going to pop out on a path. He would be only 30m from me.
I've shot quite a few deer and taken clients out for even more but I have to admit that in the run up to the shot I still get some fever. However, I can never remember pulling the trigger. This occasion was no different. I elected to take the heart shot. The buck stumbled sideways from the 150gr Interbond then jumped and ran at full tilt. I knew he would be dead.
After watching a while to make sure there was no movement, I left the area. I decided not to go in and contaminate the area with my scent and returned home to get Dexter. I sat and had a coffee and after what I thought was long enough returned, fully kitted out to track and retrieve the buck.
Needless to say we found the buck exactly where I thought he had fallen.
For those of you that are interested I have posted a You Tube video and your comments, as always will be greatfully received.

<a target="_blank" href="http://youtu.be/xuTyvnqdjz8">[video=youtube_share;xuTyvnqdjz8]http://youtu.be/xuTyvnqdjz8[/video]