A succsessful day for the lads.

Our passion is your passion... stalk with us!
It was decided early on in the week that myself Bruxie and Andrew would go out for a morning stalk this morning. I couldn’t wait, this past two weeks has been spent putting up and finishing off our new walk in chill (that will be another thread).

Well this morning started at 06.00 when the alarm rang out. Up dressed and a coffee down my neck and I was off. I had planned to meet with the lads up at the forestry gates. We had our usual chat and got kitted up. I had planned on getting Andrew to go up the middle valley. This valley would be 400 yards wide with a stream running the whole length of it, some ware in the region of 1.5 miles.

Ian was to go up the grouse butts track and push right out to the boundary fence. After a quick talk Ian decided to stick with Andrew so that was that. Me, I was going to head down the pipeline and stalk along the west boundary fence before returning up a big ride to the main track. Well that was the plan but as they say plans are there to be broken!! Or is that rules?.

Anyway I said my good buys to the lads and left the Landover at 07.30 just before sun up. I headed out the pipeline and came to the end. I am now looking over agricultural ground. This is were I would normally see both red and roe feeding in the farmers field. Unfortunately for me there was bugger all. I continued to head down the march fence until I spotted a white arse. Ranging it at 600 yards out in front. I stalked right down the fence line until I was about 60 behind the doe. Digging my walking stick into the ground I set up for a shot. With that the doe grazed right into the wood. How ****ed off was I ?. Well I walked to where the doe entered the wood only to see 5 roe in the farmers field. I sat there on the sticks for 25 mins until they decided it was time to enter the wood. One the first one came through the fence i necked her. With that the rest came through and straight into the wood except for the last one. An old doe, again I necked her and that was that. A quick field gralloch removing the stomach only and I was off. Breathing out my arse with two roe behind me. I decided to leave the beasts at the end of a large valley and stalk my way out to the motor. I only heard one more roe barking up front which I was surprised about as the valley is moving with slots and tracks.

I met up with the lads with a big smile. They had not seen anything. With the whole ground frozen silent stalking was not happening. Never mind i told them, you can come back in with me and help drag out my two.

By the time we got back out it was 14.30. We had planned to drop my motor at Andrews farm and go for a chipper and a coffee. As we pulled up Andrew came running to my motor. Grab your rifle he shouts there is a fox just came running out the barn. I grabbed the PPC and shot round the corner. Looking up the field I couldn’t see bugger all. With that two roe popped there head up 100 yards away. I leant against the gate and necked the back doe. It turned out to be a big old lass. Again a field gralloch and we went into the village for our lunch.

When we got back we sat out on the edge of the wood waiting for either reds or roe grazing out to the fields. Nothing really showed face apart for a big dog fox who was sat the whole time watching us from the Forrest edge. Giving Andrew the encouragement he needed we decided to smack him and get the hell out of there
(its -4 here today !!!. A touch of the trigger and old Charlie was in a whole lot of hurt. A 161 yards head shot for Andrew.

So that was that, our day out stalking. Three roe does and an old Charlie.

You cant beet it when it all goes to plan. ;)


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I know, sorry lads. I forgot to take my phone when legging it from the wife at 0600 this morning so no camera. :oops: I think i have got some pics of the ground so will look them out.

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Great write up, always pack your camera the night before :D . Wadas likes to look at the pictures some of those long words are a bit much for him :eek: :eek:
You got any snow out East ? it's been snowing here for the last two hours.



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I know the camera should be the first thing i pack. I used to use my camera phone, but since i changed my phone its now crap.

Yeah there is snow up here today. Was here last week and now its back again today. Must get out and record a few more of those Deer motorways that are running through the wood. :lol:


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