A superb Finnish.....


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....I went over to Finland with John Robson of YDS last Nov/Dec, and was extremely fortunate to shoot a rather impressive whitetail buck; when one of the locals told me that you could hunt european whitetail for years and never even see one of this stature, never mind shoot one, it meant that a shoulder mount HAD to be done....;)

Christian (aka "HuntnSeek") arranged for the mount to be done locally in Finland, and it was shipped over last week. It was with some some nervousness that I unpacked the trophy......but I'm absolutely delighted with it!!:D:thumb:

A huge thanks once more to John and Christian - I know that some of the guys on SD are heading over to Sweden and/or Finland with these guys later in the year, and I don't doubt for a second that you'll have a cracking time with them. A hearty recommendation from me (and not just 'cos of the buck!! It was a great trip all round!!)

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Good job Quen. Even the Mr's has got to be impressed with that! Looks bigger than when you shot it. Glad it turned out so well. ATB John.


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I can see the look of relief on your face as you opened that box :D

Looks real good mate, get it up on the wall.


Hunt n Seek

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Hi Quen

So happy that you like it. And well done on the hunt, I will rember that day for a long time. Hope to see you our way again one day.

Cheers Hunt n Seek