A-tec moderator


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Gents i have a modular A-tec moderator. I would like to clean the internals and the issue i have i can only get i part un screwed i would nomally get the stillsons out about now but i know thats not an option so any advice is greatly received.
It is currently been sitting in wd40 for the last 24hrs as that was the only penetrating fluid i had.


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Any joy getting it apart yet. I have the same mod and have had the same problem but used strips of rubber to get a better grip and managed to part them


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Get a tool from any of the the super markets that folk use for opening Jars, bottles etc? its made of plastic and rubber, itll do it fine! i did my friends Atec with it.


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I used to take them apart I have the maxim and its bloody hard to separate the baffles after a while I have had some success wearing a good pair of rubber palmed gloves the same as councils supply to the bin lorry guys but I think the best thing is to remove it after shooting place on a radiator or somewhere warm to dry it out and spray a little wd 40 into it I also have a wildcat predator 8 and it is never a problem to clean but they do their job and wear out eventually especially the very light alloy types without the stainless baffles but hey just buy another when the time comes which might be longer than you think enjoy and safe hunting.