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Looking for opinions on the new A-tec moderators, has any one used them? The UK importers (Roedale Rifles) are based in Germany, anyone had experience of lead times?

Will be looking to match up with a .338 win mag, any other makes people would recommend - will want the ability to strip down.

Thanks to all.


The UK agents for the ATEC mod are Jager Sporting Arms Ltd. He has them is stock.

I have their contact numbers if you need them. Or get a July copy of Target Sports there is an excellent article written by the gunsmith from South Yorkshire Shooting Supplies, with all Jagers contact details listed.

First class sound moderator, well made and really does what is says on the tin.


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Atec moderator

Hi I use the atec super bit of kit its on a tikka 270 and also on my 30.06 ring James Clark he is the agent in uk tel 07968025033 top man i think its quieter than the t8 and its lighter

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