a very good idea!

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Offroad Gary

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after placing a post in reloading asking for info about powder tricklers, which resulted in me being sent one for free, i have had a brainwave...

has anyone got any info on the following...

1. a blonde with big t!ts
2. a box of fivers
3. an 8x56 illuminated ret scope
4. some free stalking
5. next weeks winning lottery numbers

oh, the list could be endless :lol:


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Blonde with with big tits ( moobies ) yes
8 x 56 illuminated ret scope yes
free stalking yes
now all you need is abox of fivers and next weeks lottery numbers.

And you have pulled O JOY. ;)


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Boris Johnston

Boris the London Mayor is the biggest "Blonde Tit" I have seen for a while,

Give him a bell.

And i have strapped a torch onto and old hakko 6x42 for you!!!!
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