a warm welcome to all new members!!


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hello all,
following a discussion in a recent post, i would just like to say to the new members that firstly, welcome and secondly, you have made the best decision and joined a very good site!!
i myself have been stalking for many years but the wealth of experience and knowledge you wil gain on here from the members does indeed make me feel 'humble'.
whatever your interest, guns, reloading, dogs, trophys, equipment, i recommend that you post a topic in the forum and i guarantee the response you get will be very interesting and knowledgeable.
there are people on here so passionate about the sport, and so friendly that im sure you are gonna want to make this a 'regular haunt'
dont be afraid to ask, because if you dont ask, you wont get!!!

all the best



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well duggers
you seem to hav the gift of the gab here GOOD FOR YOU
but to welcome new members is this grooming ? :evil:
are you short of friends? :(
the answer is no
you are like so many on this site who just like to help and for that i surround you in praise. this is a place for new and old to begin their next chapter in life THE STALKING DIRECTORY


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Arrr....Duggers " Peace and blessings be upon you!" :lol: You should ask the UN if they need someone to sort out the middle east problems! You are a born spokesman and ambassador! :D


It could be the onset of dementia but are you taking the **** duggars. I do entirely agrre with you though that one and all ought to give the site ago. Well those that shhot obviously.


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duggers said:
bollocks beowulf!!..........er...i mean, how very rude of me :oops:
Diplomacy at it's best :lol: :lol:

Well said duggers, er that's the first post of course, mind you the quote is a fine piece of work ;)



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I would like to echo what many have said before. All newcomers to this site and stalking are very welcome.

Anyone new taking up the sport of deer stalking needs all our help, and for any of you that are slightly nervous about asking what may seem to you like a silly question, please ask away, you will find nothing but friendly advice and help, with maybe some free stalking thrown in ;)

After all advice and help on here is free :D
only for this site and you guys,i wouldnt have a clue and would probably have given up on stalking deer, just like to say thank you to all who gave me advice and are willing to give me advice in he future, after all im still a newbie to stalking! go raibh mile maith agaibh!


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Hi Sikamalc,
Yes thank you, we are both fine. Especially the misses, for her brilliant legal mind she recieved a lovely big bonus from the firm! Its my job now to spend it for her! :lol:
I'm back on the Jamesons by the way! :D