A week in Scotland with some great memories.

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Hi, back from a week in Scotland with some great memories and fabulous company,
Wadas arrived at my home early morning suffering from the lack of sleep after coming straight off a night shift and we were off.
Six and half hours latter and wadas catching up on sleep and snoring for England!!!!! some of the way. :oops:
We arrived at JAYBS before moving off up the glen to met Sikamalc at the cottage for introductions and a brew, this was the first time we had met and it was good to put a face to a name, and Mrs JAYB introduced us to, for the first but not last, her cinnamon buns and a bowl of chilly soup, by the way those buns are indescribable.
After leaving Mr and Mrs JAYBS we made our way up the glen and the scenery was spectacular.
We met up with Sikamalc and Tod the dog a Bavarian Mountain Hound who proved to be invaluable at scenting deer on the wind well before we got anywhere near them, fantastic to watch.
We got our stuff sorted and settled in with the Fins who had been stalking with Sikamalc and listen to their stories. They had a brilliant week exceeding all their expectations, getting more than what they came for.
We had a recy the follow day surveying the ground allowing us time to get our bearings and take advice from Malcolm,
That evening Malcolm, Tod and I went out into the forest as Wadas went over to JAYBs, Tod was winding stuff as we went. In places the bracken was still high and we saw plenty of sika as we moved through the forest before we came across a beast feeding in a gully this was the one, we waited for the sika to turn and that was that my first Sika ,fantastic feeling. Tod took the line from where it was standing and found the deer 40 yards away dead.
That evening we had settled to dinner awaiting wadas return and when he came in he had the biggest proudest smile you could ever wish to see, Well we ask!, come and have a look wadas replied, and that was when we opened the car and saw a fantastic stag this was also wadas first sika so day one two firsts.
Sunday no hunting but wirehair arrived mid afternoon and what a great bloke and that evening the crack and banter was unrelenting we never stopped laughing and taking the P*** out of each other. Legal eagle and Fran arrived after we had gone to bed but we all met the following morning,
Last day for the stag season and weather mid morning picked up, Malc offered to wirehair and me the option to go out back of the cottage which extends for 2 miles and see what we could find and wadas and Legal and Fran took on heartbreak hill.
Once wirehair and I had climbed up over the crest and onto a plato we spied a Sika stag feeding way off in the distance so we decided to go for him sweeping round trying to keep the wind in our favour,
Just has we were getting into range creeping up over a knoll, **** I rammed my sticks quickly into Wirehairs asre, which I have to say he seemed to enjoy, there was a group of reds feeding 50 – 100 yards spread out to our left. Wirehair got into position very quickly taking two stags expertly, he then said Phil, I took a stag standing to the right and that was it a real ambush which neither of us expected. We then had a look to see if the sika stag was still there, not a chance long gone.
Three stag’s two blokes and a bloody long drag followed for 2 hours but just a great day.
And to cap the day off wadas got legal in to a stag on heartbreak hill which he took for another first as it was legles first red stag.
On the same ground latter in the week both wirehair and I bumped the sika stag lying down 20 yards away but out of season ands he was so majestic as he ran across the moor, what a sight.
One evening I took Legal out and we got into a hind feeding behind a tree and just to give you a flavour for how they can behave she came out and could see that something was not right yet she could not decide what, all I know is it became a game of patience and I could not move and standing there with my binos up for 15 mins before I could drop them was like an eternity, she started feeding again but as Legal was getting his rifle ready she twigged us and was off,
I was fortunate to get into another beast later in the week and count myself very lucky right place right time,
On the other occasions’ I was out they were far too clever and sharp for me but that’s the name of the game.
The whole week was truly fantastic and I will never forget the company we dinned like kings and the crack was tremendous I don’t think we stopped laughing from beginning of the week until we finally finished our last supper and Mrs JAYBs chocolate pudding was demolished.
There is far more that I could say but I will leave that to the others.
This was all possible because of one mans generosity, Sikamalc a true gentleman so from my own point of view thank you very much indeed.
Wadsa thanks for travelling up with me your great company and top bloke
Legle and Fran for the crack I hope you got home safely
Wirehair I hope we can stalk again in the future.
Mr and Mrs JAYB thanks for your warm hospitality.
Wirehair working out how to get to the stag

Wirehair with 2 of the stags he shot

Wads taking a photo of the view

A view of the forest from behind the cottage

Heartbreak hill where legle got his stag and wadas took a yeld hind second to last day

Sikamalc and Wadas preparing the cap for a shoulder mount fo wadas stag


The view for me and wirehair as climbed up 30 mins before we got into the stags.

Another couple of views of the fantastic area we were stalking in


Sorry would have had more but my camera broke yet again

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:



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Well Phil,

I never would have guessed it would have cleaned up so nicely :D :D Malc has just read it as well and he is delighted you are delighted.

Good read mate,

well done



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Have you and Malcolm seen the weather focast for the coming week!,
Looks as if a cold snap is on its way with snow!!,

:eek: :eek:

take care and have a good week


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Sounds like you all had a fantastic time, beautiful scenery up that way, great read and some great pictures.



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Ayup Smithy, well wrote and good piccies too. ;)

Yep, it was certainly a week to remember with great people and wonderful memories.

I am going to start writing an article but been busy skinning and jointing them big buggers. :eek: Oh, and found a few ticks on me, bbbrrrrr, bloody horrible things they are :confused:



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well done smithy a nice write up,it looks stunning up there mate.sikamalc really is a top bloke,just wish i had got the holidays and i would have been there with you.iam really chuffed you all did well and had a safe trip.


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Good write up and some cracking photos of a lovely part of the world
Good on Malc for his generosity

This stalking up north looks breathtaking

All the best guys


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Hi there matey I was looking in the wrong place again just like that bloody tv aerial you were trying to show me :lol:
All I can say is ditto as it was just awesome

and check out Wadas vidoe made us all chuckle non stop

Off to read what Wadas as put up thee'er lad


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Hi smithy
Great write up mate & great pics. Looks like you all had a good time buddy :D That vid of you doing the drag made me **** mate :D :D
glad you had a good time, Shame me & andy couldnt make, would of loved the crack :D :D
Say hello to your good wife for me bud :D
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