a week tomorrow

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Well guys, a week tomorrow.

I am going to do some .22 practise shortly. my kit is sorted. the only thing i have to do is make a flask and i am away.

I only have a month then on 1st may i am in hospital for a mosiacplasty in my ankle, this will get me off the ground for a couple of months, hope fully i will be back by the rut.

I have been on my ground for the last couple of weeks counting and looking for sign. Things are looking good for the season.
I have sent out a couple of invites and i look forward to meeting new friends.


ps in september i went to my wildfowling kit and found my flask, it had been in there since mid january. it was like a culture made by saddam hussien


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i hope all goes well for you swampy and hopefully we will meet up with you at the cla game fair.if you go i and you offer me a drink make sure its not from that flask :lol: :lol:


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Hope it all goes well for you.

I had surgery on my ankle several years ago to repair some extensive damage done during a motorcycle accident. However, since then the ankle is as good as new!



I wish you well with your mosiacplasty. Hopefully they will not put your operation back. A friend of mine was actually on the hospital ward the first time around only to be told to go home. It took 2 more attempts and 6 weeks later before he finally went under the knife.

Also you'll really be touch and go for the rut even if they do the op when scheduled. Believe me been there and have the t shirt to prove it. Its not the mobility its the getting your boots on and off that's is the biggest problem.


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All the best Steve, I hate bloody hospitals but the are times you need them. You take getting around for granted until you can't do it, then you discover just how much you move in the course of a day.
You going for convalescence courtesy of the job or staying at home?



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Good luck Steve. That's good advice from JayB, he should know about hospitals he has been in more hospital based farces than Hatti Jacques! :lol: In fact I've never seen them both in the same room at once! :eek: Could they be one and the same? :lol:


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I have a very large daffodil all ready for your ample receptacle :lol: :lol:



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Good luck Swamps, just think of all those nurses you will have around you :D

As for the flask, I think we have all done that. This past season in Scotland I left the teapot with tea in it from October, arriving back in December hmmmmmmmmm 800 mile drive, lets get the kettle on for a brew, and what the F/////K in the teapot :eek:

The skin on the top was a micro ecosystem!!!!


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Hope all goes well swampy mate. Im with tikka308 about not havin a drink out that flask :eek:

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All the best swampy... like sp4rkman i managed to mash my ankle.. mine was competing at a local motorbike event.. unfortunately for me they had to leave my pins in so on cold days i get minor grief from my left ankle..
Had a lovely nurse tickle my toes to help me drop off to sleep.. funny that, the pain just seemed to disappear...she was a beauty.. good luck fella youll be fine


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hope all goes well my friend
should be no more talk about a dodgy foot then, but look on the brightside you will hav more time to spend on here while on the mend


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Had a trip out today after being asked to have one more go at the does around some newly planted trees, we managed two but seen loads, this place is still full of them and we have hit them pretty hard.



Seen a few bucks but they will have to wait till they loose thier velvet.


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Yep take it easy dude .. don't try to rush it like me when I smashed me tootsies took an age to heal..

Ummnnmm nurses :p do they still wear stockings these days ooh ar missus :lol:


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Hi Swampy,
I read your posts with interest
Good luck with the op, I’m sure it will go well and you will be back sooner than you think. :)
Something to make you smile. :D
A was driving through the village with my son 10 years old, who will be at the CLA.by the way.
I pulled over for a young lady who lives next door to his friend and she is a miserable cow, so I said “ she never smiles or says thank you” my lad replies “she does when she is having sex with her boy friend” I looked at him, what do you mean!, he replies, when I called for my mate yesterday I looked through the window next door and she was bouncing up and down on her boy friend having sex and she had a big smile on her face, :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :lol: :lol:
What can you say to that?
I kept a straight face just, but he is so funny the little monkey, and a tremendous sense of humour, he knows exactly what the game is, I keep laughing to myself it’s the way he came out with it and the wife was struck dumb.

All the best and take care

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