A weekend of Stalking - Thanks Malcolm

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Now that I have caught up with some sleep, cleaned all my gear and put everything away, I can sit back and give you guys an account of my weekend out with Malcolm, Joe and of course, Toby!

For those who have never been out stalking with Malcolm, get you head examined and book a few stalks. You won't go wrong with him, the knowledge in that mans head in phenomenal! You will learn more than you realise.

Friday PM

Arrived with Malcolm at 4.30pm, had a great chat with tea and sandwiches. Discussed what was about and where we where going. Malcolm has mentioned a Medal Roe buck that had been mooching around and I thought I'd have a crack at it. Set out at around 7pm, headed to the area we where starting our stalk and made our way to the site of the Medal, caught sight of a nice 4 pointer in a field on the way down about 120Yds away, it stood and watched us as we watched us. I decided not to take it as we where too close for the Medal not to hear the shot. Moved on down and the 4 pointer didn't budge.

Got settled in waiting for the Medal to appear, at about 8.15pm a nice Doe appeared followed by a buck further along the field. We waited for a while and decided to get a little closer to the buck but our Medal was lurking in dead ground, the Doe ran, barking and the Medal bolted. Dang! Aw-well!!

Stalked around a few other areas, lots of Doe's but no Bucks. The heat was high, Rut not starting as yet with no signs of it either. Headed back for about 10pm.


Joe and I went out to the high seat for about 6am, great Fallow Doe's around, absolutely beautiful. No Roe out this morning that we could see.

In the evening we headed out with Chris who managed to bag a nice little Buck in the same field as the 4 pointer from the night before. Joe and I headed to set-up for that Medal, I wanted to get that little bugger!! Nothing! Dog walkers walked straight across with a Greyhound without a lead and so we called it a day in that area. Again lots of Doe's and Fallow, where the hell are all the Bucks!!

Sunday AM

Well, Sunday was Sunday! Malcolm and I stalked around and again lots of Doe's, we saw about 16 Roe's that morning and the absolute highlight of my weekend was stalking up to a Doe and her Fawn, got to 20Yds before the Fawn took an interest, stood watching for about 5 mins before the Fawn raised the alarm, but 20Yds was great, wind and the sun in our favour.

Saw the Medal, 700yds, decided to get closer. 300yds, no clear shot, this guys is not stupid! Mooching in the dead-ground we decided to take a punt. Bi-pod down, Haul-ass to the summit of the rise, head down. Got up there, 120yds away, he clocked us and bolted! Aaaggghhh!! He knew what I wanted and I swore he shook his nuts at me as he dove into the woods! Next time buddy, your mine!

Heading back, we stopped in our tracks. 3 Roe at the bottom of a field, 380yds, wandered down to get a closer look. Lots of cover between us and them, there where 5 in total, 2 lurking around all Doe's...... so we thought. 1 Buck! 200yds away! Couldn't believe my luck. As we watched, he was not in full profile, other Doe's in the line of fire. As we waited I kept the cross hairs on him, after about 5 mins of observing I finally got a great profile. 200Yds on crossed sticks, Pop! down he went. Lung shot, straight through! Dropped like a stone, great clean kill. Reloaded, just in case and waited to make sure he was dead. Nothing, he's toast!! Got over to get my prize, excellent clean shot, he still had breakfast in his mouth! Got him back to Malcolm's, Gutted, skinned and now in my freezer! I'll enjoy him next week!!

This was the first deer that I had shot in over 12 years, still smiling! Still cant believe I got the shot. As an ex-soldier, I take pride in my marksmanship, and I am glad that my training hadn't let me down!

The highlight of the weekend was still getting close to the Doe and her fawn, even if I hadn't taken the buck, it still would have been one of the best stalking weekends of my life...... so far.

Thanks again Malcolm, I'll be back in November for a couple of Fallow!!

Rifle: Steyr SSG69 P1 .308
Ammo: Sako 150gr Soft Points
ROE BUCK 20130715.jpeg

Pine Marten

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Congratulations! It makes it all the more worthwhile that after twelve years, you had to wait until the last possible opportunity of the weekend. By the way, that is an insanely massive moderator.


Thanks PM, it was well worth the wait.

Its a T8 Reflex! the rife is a heavy brute! but I'm a big lad who can move very well with it.


I'll be honest, it is a sniper rifle. I do like it for stalking as I am very comfortable with it, granted it's not the best tool for the job but I can be sure to put a bullet where I want it, when I want it.


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Good stalking with you John, and we got you there in the end. Hopefully the rut will start this weekend if this hot weather keeps up.

We will have to wait and see if Mr White tips shows up again!!