About time!!!! petition.


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In 1940, engaged in my duties on behalf of His Majesty, I had
occasion to abandon my Spitfire in rather difficult
circumstances. In doing so, I lost my left shoe. I claimed for
reimbursement but was told by the powers that were that
frivolous claims of that nature on the public purse would not
be tolerated.

I can only look with awe and admiration on the scale and
ingenuity of our parliamentary representatives. To paraphrase,
"Never in the field of British politics has so much been
fiddled from so many by so few".




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Lol superb ... not many folk can lay claim to losing a shoe in that way :lol:

In the words of the venerable Clarkson that one eyed Scottish idiot has been given my two fingered salute... no disrespect to our more sensible Scottish users intended unfortunately Brown has already done that for you already. :rolleyes:

widows son

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Sorry guys won't go there .
Politics and Religion are a personnel thing .

Had it been about what were about, I would have been first on the list ,these are people that self regulate there own policies, so theres a whole load of shouting just now when it comes to election time no one will even remember it.

Thats when it counts for all of you that don't vote