Accommodation & Use of a Larder in Perthshire / Dunblane

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We are after some B&B accommodation in the Perthshire area, near Dunblane would be best. So any recommendations would be good.
Also we are after either the accommodation to have a larder / chiller facility or someone who would let the larder for a week, or just a space in the larder for use to use. I know this might be a long shot but i feel it might be one worth taking.

And one last question does anyone recommend a game dealer in and around the Dunblane area please.

I know these maybe a few odd questions but i am sure that you have seen some worse ones.




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Can I come stalking with you. It must be good if you can arange a larder and a game dealer before ya go. :stag:



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Was up home (Stirling) this year and took the family a drive along the old road from Brig of Allan to the Sherrifmuir Inn. Quite amazed at the number of Roe along the pantations. Sorry can't help with your enquiries. Nice bit of the country, I'm sure you'll enjoy.


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Nearest game dealer to Dunblane will be Vickers game in perth.

Think you will have a bit of a problem getting the use of a chiller in that area.