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Hi All

We would like to say a BIG thank you to the Stalking Directory for hosting our advertising and all our clients throughout the season, Here at kent and Sussex deer control we strive to make your day as enjoyable as possible, Our AIM is to be the best stalking service in Sussex, when we say a days stalking we mean exactly that.
A typical day based on two clients goes as follows, pick up is at first light, the clients choose who will stalk first, Robin takes one client for a woodland stalk and I take the other to a high seat, often if the stalker bumps or shoots a deer the others often run and stand in front of the high seat so the other client gets a chance of a shot, this normally takes two hours, next we go for breakfast where the café owner is used to us turning up in muddy boots. After breakfast we drive to another location where we swap the clients around and the other guest has the chance of a woodland stalk, in the evening we sit in high seats until dark. Our success rate has been very good this season with some clients talking two or three deer per session. We have a policy whereby if you have two outings with us and we have not presented you with a safe shot if it happens on the third outing we make no charge for the day.
We are very fortunate that our land borders Ashdown forest where vast numbers of fallow roam free, so we always have an influx of animals to replace the ones shot.
We have already started talking bookings for the 2014/15 seasons. To book a stalk please pm Robin, for further information and to view photos of our satisfied clients please go to

Satisfied Clients

Many Thanks, Geoff
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I did my first ever pro stalk with Robin and Geoff after my Intro to stalknig day with Richard Whitely and would like to say how welcome I was made to feel. It can I am sure be intimidating for new stalkers but dispite makeing novice mistakes I felt very encouraged and well supported.

I cant fault the stalking as there were plenty of deer around on both days and on the second full day gig I could easily have added a fallow to my roe had I more experiance getting the rifel from sholder to stick.

I had a fun day in good company and I felt I learnt a thing or two as well

My first roe was a bonous

Many thanks to Geoff letting me fumble arround with the grallock whilst all the time pointing me in the right direction. It gave me a real sense of acheivement doing it all my self and dispite my diabolocal butchery skills my family all agreed the roe tasted fantastic :D




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Thanks Mark I'm glad you enjoyed the days, we all had to start somewhere it's just some of us started sooner.
See you in a few days for some more of the same.


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We'll done chaps. Nothing but great words from your clients that have had time out with me too. Plenty of deer in our part of Sussex and probably even more next season..
atb for this year


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Very pleased to say that I am one of these satisfied clients. True to their word a days stalking is what you get and with the combined experience one will nearly always be presented with a shootable deer, however as we all know nothing is guaranteed in stalking but it wont be for the lack of trying.

Well done Geoff and Robin I have aways enjoyed my days out with both of you and look forward to many more, form my side of the "scope" you have already achieved your "AIM" and I can personally recommend your services for anyone wishing to enjoy the challenge of stalking Fallow both experienced and beginner, both are made just as equally welcome.




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Actually i can only just add to the above, i personally was out with Robin and Geoff yesterday.
Both thoroughly nice chaps.

I am no author or critic but i can confirm despite really poor weather and high winds yesterday i managed to get myself three fallow.

There is certainly a lot of fallow around the area we stalked and sat over and one point seeing a heard of 30+ run by us as we exited the woodland block.
All to often i find that paid outings are actually a few hours in the morning and few in afternoon. yesterday we were stalking from 0730 until 1730 excluding about 40 mins for lunch at a local cafe which went down great after a cold wet morning.

Every effort was made to ensure that myself and the other client out got deer and it really was unlimited, despite shooting three in the late morning we still carried on and Robin and Geoff tried to get me in to another deer or two.

Highly recommended by me and i would/will return.

Picture of the three i took attached.



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gg33 - That sounds very good. You clearly had a wonderful day, but your picture makes me feel giddy!!


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HI gg33 thanks for your comments, despite the wind and rain Robin managed to get you amongst them and you did the rest, great shooting, glad you enjoyed the day. we look forward to your next visit. Cheers Geoff



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Me too, thank god your shooting was much better than your photography.
Well done on the control, waiting for deer to settle trotting towards you can make the heart beat a little faster as you go to shoot.
Thank you all for the kind words Geoff and I do appreciate it.
We do try and some would say " very trying " but hey life's to short :D


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Hi Beretta Cocker, you will have to get in the queue, i feel a big win is on the cards, i have my eye on the land, just need the cash,

Cheers Geoff


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I also had a chance in 2014 to meet both Robin and Geoff and they tried very hard to find me a Fallow to cull but unfortunately the Stalking Gods were not shining on me that day .But they both get 10 out 10 for effort, very nice couple of chaps to go stalking with and hopefully i will be with them again this season.


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all pm's answered hopefully, if anyone has not received a reply please pm me, many thanks for all the interest for next year.