Available: Accompanied Roe Buck Stalking in Aberdeenshire, Scotland

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Accompanied Roe Buck Stalking in
Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Places available for the Roe Buck season, commencing 1[SUP]st April[/SUP] 2016.

Located near Dunecht, approximately 15 miles West of Aberdeen, Roe Buck stalking will take place on over 3000 acres of mixed agricultural & forestry grounds in stunning countryside.

Experienced Stalkers with own rifle
Guided stalking over a wide range of farmland / woodland margins and excellent Roe Deer habitat. Good access & easy terrain. High seats also utilised if required.

Flexible packages to suit the complete novice or beginner (Estate rifle provided ***Note: Must be 17 years old or over***)

Including practical tuition & advice on the following:
Safety, rifle skills, zeroing & marksmanship practice on targets, followed by an accompanied stalk or high seat session. Gralloching and carcass handling if successful.

Prices as per below:
Accompanied Stalk + Kill fees for 2016 Roe Buck Season as per below:

Outing fee/stalk fee (4 hours approximately, AM or PM). £90.00


Cull Roe bucks, yearling spiker and up to 4 pointer £70.00 kill fee.

Older non medal Bucks of 5 to 6 point £100.00 kill fee.

For info: If anybody is interested in shooting potential CIC Medal quality Roe Bucks please PM or email for details & prices:

Carcasses can be purchased separately if required, at current game dealer rates.

All prices include 20% VAT

For bookings or for more information on the packages available, please call Simon Stewart on 07835 343983 (mobile) or contact me by email simon@grampianroestalking.co.uk
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