Accredited witness costs


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Following on from "This is OUTRAGEOUS opinions very appreciated" I went on the DMQ site, under the about us tab one of the first things you read is "a not for profit company", If in the big picture of things their was a willingness to set the charges made by Witnesses Accredited or Creditable what would that be.
I am aware that the majority of people on this website are more than happy to give up there time for free, if this is because of a desire to see the job done right or the welfare of the deer it dosen't matter, I applaud you.
But, if as a follow on from the DMQ site, and the thread mentioned above, can we post what is deamed a sensible cost.
Can it be to reflect 1 outing morning/evening, and be a true reflection of cost (remembering the mortgage/bills have to be paid) and if you travel to the candidates ground cost per mile and the furthest you would go?

You never know this might give candidates a good idea to cost :D
And mayby some uniform prices.


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These costs are going to vary from person to person.

I have a diesel estate and expect to get approximately 55mpg out of her.
Someone else may have a Subaru doing around 30mpg.

Both people cannot expect to charge the same due to the difference in fuel costs.

I am fully employed.
The next man may be self employed.

I will not charge for my day, he will have to as he will have a mortgage/rent/family and kids to look after.

It is not only the person trying to achieve DSC 2 that is having to pay bills.

It is now and always has been the stalker that has to shop around for the person that is closest to him or is able to give him what he wants at a cost that suits both.

If someone from the South of England phoned me to go down there, I would have to decline. Unless of course they paid for my fuel costs, wear of car, B&B, meals etc. If however the same person said that they were part of a syndicate and were going to be within 70 miles of me when it suited me, then we could have a chance of going through the portfolio.

If they were going to go down the fixed rate route, you would put a price on each portfolio, then add the expenses. If the candidate does not get all signed off on a portfolio entry, does this mean that they have to pay again for the next outing.......... This is the scenario we are trying to get away from.



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I don't charge anything other than fuel costs ,it didn't cost me anything for the AW ticket so why should it cost anything for me to AW someone.
I didn't pay anyone to complete my level two ,so why should it cost anyone else .

I know there are people that stalk for business running a company good luck to them they then have a obligation to there client or should have .


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That is exactly the point. You do it, but only if you are not out of pocket yourself. Why should any AW or CW be out of pocket? They shouldn't.

The problem as many of us know it, is that the old regime have being milking the cow.............

Lets stop that and try to help those that this qualification is actually going to hurt.



I feel this would also depend on the ground that the AW /CW would be stalking on if the stalker was to use his own ground then i am sure the cost can be minimal. But If the stalker dose not have his own ground then the cost has to be charged at a rate that will allow the AW/CW A return on his own ground.
So here goes for me to go to some ones ground 50 miles from me would cost .£10 PLUS Dinner that would get them a morning and evening in the winter or a long stalking opportunity in the summer.
If they were to come on to my ground and shoot one of my deer it would cost £60 per stalk two stalks per day no hidden costs no trophy fees.

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Accredited witness cost,s

Hi, I have just paid £350 for 2 stalks with a accredited witness , on his ground , painfull but had to bite the bullet , I need my level 2 to get a place on a sindicate for this year I am just getting into deer stalking and finding it costly to say the least, I have been shooting and hunting all my life , allways thought deer stalking was for the toffs with plenty of money as is driven phesant shooting, but this last couple of years I have made up my mind to do a bit of stalking while I am still fit and able , I dont have holidays as such ,working my dogs and shooting is just a way of life with me its what I choose to spend my bit of money on. I enjoy reading all your stalking stories when I can get the time to turn on the PC. Hope this has not come across as a moan not intended, just facts you got to make the best of what you got .good hunting to every body for the future ye old stalker