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Hi all,

I am looking for some acompanied stalking that is a bit nearer to home.
At the moment i travel up to Scotland for roe stalking but it's getting harder to get away from work for a long enough break to make the traveling worthwhile (especially at 25mpg)
If anyone can recomend someone that is a bit nearer to home i would be gratefull. I'm not looking for trophy hunting, just somewhere i can get to a bit quicker and more frequently.
I live in shropshire in the midlands.
If you have any recomendations, please PM me, Thanks,



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Hi ezzy6.5
I could sort you with an outing on Fallow when they are back in season if you wanted. (foc) most of my ground is around Hereford a little bit closer than Scotland :lol:



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Have you considered the forestry commision or BASCschemes in Thetford, brilliant value, brilliant stalkers, and lots of wont go wrong - no trophy fees, you pay your money and get out and stalk.....


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wayne you seam like a tidy bloke i dont surpose you have any free roe stalking or boar for a poor welsh men :oops: :oops: :oops: :D :D


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yes but those pair of catholics wont share i couldn't get a bour sausage off them :) :) :)
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