Advanced deer management course

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Hi there does anybody know what the shooting test involves on the bds advanced stalkers course ?


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I did mine back in 1996 so it might have changed a bit.
The first requirement is that you use a rifle that is suitable for all species of deer in the UK.

1st stage involved 2 shots into a hind target with a pin marking the bull. Obviously you can't see the pin in the scope but you had to group within 6 inches of the pin.

Next was a couple of shots prone at 100 yd Roe Target then another couple off sticks then closer and shots from a simulated high seat then closer to about fifty yards and two shots into the target in 10 seconds off sticks or sitting to simulate a follow up shot under pressure.

Please note that the above is a rough guide to what was involved 12 years ago when I did mine in the little village hall in Comrie over three weekends.

The Advanced Stalkers Certificate was an enjoyable course and there was plenty to learn however unless you already have your DMQ levels 1 and 2 spend your money on that first.

The Mole

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Like Ben I did mine some time ago, but I believe it's not changed much although it's called the Deer Managers Course now (a more accurate reflection of what it's all about).

The shoot is optional these days but is added to the certificate if you take & pass . I seem to remember that the hind target was at 150 yards, the roe 100 yards and less as Ben says. The main difference between the shoot and DSC1 is that they put some serious time pressure on you. Well worth practicing before you turn up for the course.
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