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hello all

a bit of advive needed as i am a novice to the stalking scene . i have two jack russell terriers that i use for everything from flushing birds to chasing rabbits and guarding the house. one of these i have found will track very well.

in the past when i have shot a deer i have used the lungs and some of the hide in an old sack and made a scent trail i have found one of my jack's will follow this trail for quite some distance even up to 2 hrs old.

i use a long rope to drag the sack to try and limit human scent and every now and then raise the sack off the ground and restart the scent trail and when he finds the trail sack of course a good reward and praise.

i will no be able to have a dedicated deer dog as i dont shoot enough deer just some pointers or tips to help . so far i have not taken the dog with me on any stalks (i would love to and he would love it as well )

any advice would be welcome.......neil


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Hi Neil,
I have two Jack Russells that I would like to take out on the deer. Unfortunately they get very excited with all the different scents and go absolutely loopy! :eek: If I could just get them to claim down they would be great. When I go out in my stalking clothes they know what I'm coming back with and are there to greet me on my return. They will sit watching the whole process from skinning to butchering totally enthralled by the deer.

I'd be very interested to hear how you get on with your Jack Russells training.

Good luck! ;)


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the main problem i can see with mine is i use them to hunt in general and both have a hatered of squrrels which they will hunt with passion which may pull them away from the scent trail

what i am going to start with is a long lead so the dog will have a sence of being under my control not just him working the scent. i am going to do this on sterail ground to begin with then introduce into ground that has genral game .

the only advantage i think i may have is mine work scent only now on genral game , so if i can introduce a small amount of blood from the deer as well as scent from the skin the dog will know the diffrence of what he is following .

i will keep the site updated with the training, if all goes ok i may start a new topic board for SD " HOW TO TRAIN SNAPPY HEAD STRONG JACK RUSSELS TO TRACK DEER AND NOT CHASE SQURRELS"



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You wont stop them, thats the answer. I had a good friend who owned a Lakeland, it is getting on a bit now, but it is mustard on tackling wounded Munties and tracking them.

If you have to buy a dog for deer work, in general you should train it for that and nothing else. You also want a dog that will walk off the lead and not chase or bark at Squirrels and Rabbits, which is where Jacko's tend to fall down. Mind you they are great little dogs to have around, real characters.


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hi neil
another way to look at this
you already know it will track hav you ever took it with you? as you can leave it in the car and if you need it then go get it,
atleast your motor will be safe :lol:
i don't think it will make a stalking companion as it has to much of the good life in chasing all it desires but just used to track may work definately keep us posted, who knows
ps leave a window slightly open and some water for the jack to drink as you could be out for a couple or 3 hours


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cheers for the replies guys

my main problem at this time is the land i had to shoot over someone who wanted into the stalking and CF scene offered the farmer a handfull of money for the rights and i lost out. i could not afford £500 for 100acres that had only a few deer . the stalking opportunities in my part of S Wales are limited

i do guest shoot but the fella who invites me does not want me to bring along the dog as not a dedicated deer dog.

what i have done to try and keep the training up is i cut up and froze lungs and the skin in handy pieces (dont tell wife) and i will pull one of these bags out and give the jack's a refresher now and then

i have to cash in some brownie points take a couple of days off work and knock some doors to get a bit of land.

i will keep you updated with the jack russell and deer training effort ...neil


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Stone never mind the jack russell, I want to know more about the widow that you are leaving slightly open!
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