advice needed on budget scope

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Hi all,

I have just got back from taking my mate to get his new T3 light in 6.5x55 (what else), and now he needs a scope for it.
it came with a set of 1" optilocks so 1" tube is needed.
I suppose his budget is around £100 and he's been looking at SIMMONS scopes on ebay but i said i'd ask your opinions as i don't know much about stuff in this price range.
So what do you think? Bushnell/simmons/Low end Leopold
if it was me i'd be looking for a second hand VX2 or similar but he would prefer new os opinions please,



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I use a (can't think of the make, and it's locked in the cabinet in the loft, that's how nondescript it is!) cheap 4-16 x 50 AO. It cost £85 2nd hand. At some point I'll get something better but works for now because a) It hits what I shoot at, and b) at has already had some serious abuse, including a complete immersion in mud, and survived without me having a heart attack.

When I get to the point where I want to start pushing my effective range I might upgrade, but as a cheap workaday scope it's fine while I learn my rifle.


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For plain stalking use, at that budget, I would go for a s/h Meopta Artemis 7x50 every time. I had one on my 6.5x55, and another three Meoptas at one point. The 7x50 was excellent for lamping and woodland stalking.

If he wants a cheap variable, I have a Burris Fullfield II 3-9x50 on offer for £110 (VGC, 1" tube).


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Baldrick said:
For plain stalking use, at that budget, I would go for a s/h Meopta Artemis 7x50 every time. I had one on my 6.5x55, and another three Meoptas at one point. The 7x50 was excellent for lamping and woodland stalking.
i agree with Baldrick
decent 2nd hand meopta, i hav a 7x50 ill i bought off ebay earlier this year on my 30-06 , fantastic bargain


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I would stay away from second hand optics unless there is a transferable guarantee, you just don't know the abuse it has had. Simmons are very popular in USA with centrefire users, if your mate can afford a little more Weaver optics are very good.


I have a leupold 3 - 9 x 50 European for 150 all paperwork . ;) But if it were me i would only put the best on all the **** ones will let you down at the most inopportune moment.


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Baldrick has it perfectly.

Look around for a Meopta 7x50 secondhand.

If he needs to go now, the Burris is the best bet.

An extra £50 would help a lot, particularly for the Meopta.


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I have a bushnell trophy 3-9 x 40 and a banner 3-9 x 50 both are fine. they can be found on american ebay pretty cheaply

The Mole

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If cash is tight but you mate wants new (ish), have a look at what Edgar Brothers have to offer - very workmanlike & up to the job. Also - if they still make them - the Nikko Stirling Platinum range.

Offroad Gary

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a wise man once said to me..

"you wouldn't walk into an opticians and ask for a **** pair of glasses, would you?"

he then sold me a schmidt and bender :D


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I didn't want this to turn into a Scmitt/Zeiss/Nightforce debate, He only stalks maybe twice a year and if he spends £400 on a scope he wont be stalking till next winter.
He uses a Zeiss 8x56 on his 223 and realises that whatever he buys will not be in the same league.
I have found him a mint SH vx2 centenary for about £170 but i don't think he'll buy it and to be honest the reticule is too fine.
i looked through a bushnell last night and it wasn't bad.


Little Terry

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Alright Ezzy.

I've always been impressed with Hawke optics. Had one of their scopes (endurance 1.5-6x42 Illuminated) on my blaser for a couple of years with no problems - just not as bright in low light as my S&B, but that's to be expected. Still using Hawke binos and although I'd like some quality ones, they are really good for the money.

Just make sure you go for the right model - they do really low budget air rifle ones too.

Just my two-penneth.



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Look at russian optics.
The scopes may not be pretty, and the features can be basic, but they work.
I have a little 3.5x24 on 1 of my Lee Enfields, cost me $100. Optics wise I would put
it up against any western scope costing 10x what I paid.
Kalinka optics is one site.
I also have PSO scope for an AK, the clarity of the optics is just amazing :D


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I have an Optimate 6x44 on my .243. They are imported by Edgar Bros., and I think are either Japanese or Chinese made and badged up by EB for the UK market. Mine was @ £125.

Not the greatest piece of optical equipment but perfectably acceptable. its only about 5 minutes behind my swaro SLC's in the half light until I can clearly enough through it for a shot.

paul k

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I'm not sure if they qualify as cheap or come in the right diameter tube but Nikko Sterling are excellent value for money and have excellent light gathering power. One evening when walking back to the car long after my Leica binos had packed up I heard a noise and using the scope was able to watch a deer coming down a field 100 metres away and see that it was a buck.

Offroad Gary

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i have just put a nikko sterling diamond 1.5 - 6 x 44 on my .308 - great little scope - see my post in equipment and accesory reviews.


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Concur on the Nikko. Had an 8x42 gold crown on my .22 until I sold it (the whole setup, not just the scope) good light gathering and held zero perfectly. Cost about £50 I think.


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I don't know if this will be of any use but I have a Simmons whitetail 8 point 3-9X40?, I think it is called, can't be sure because the rifle is in America with Muir, but if he sees this he will check I am sure. It cost about $35 dollars I think and is as tough as old boots, it has a dink in the objective lens surround where I dropped it and it bounced off of a large stone, zero did not shift at all. As it was so cheap I thoroughly abused it for weeks on end, would have been a good test really, without a second thought, dropping it, throwing it in vehicles, dragging it through the dust of Montana Prairies and it never once strayed from minute of prairie dog.

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