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I am about to buy a new 243, but need some more advice and info.

Being a traditionalist I want one with a wood stock, not plastic, or even laminate for that matter. I would also like a detachable mag, not the floor plate type. The Remy 700 does one model that fits this profile so far and I think so does Tikka T3 I think, has anyone got any other names for me to consider?
if so please speak up and let me sift through them all.Pre screw cut would be nice but that maybe asking too much.
Start firing chaps!!!!

regards Poddle


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Both rifles are good rifles. but there are others out there as well for similar price, howa, cz, ruger or savage,. i have a ruger and a remmy model 7 both are very nice, the remmy is better i think. With the exchange rate what it is at the minute, american rifles are very attractive price wise. cz are good. nice real mauser action a bit agricultural but robust and proven. Sako are very nice if you can stretch a bit further.


Andy L

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A Sauer 202 would get my vote. You would have a job to find something that gives a tighter grouping. A bit pricey maybe.


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Just spoke to Derek Edgar, and they don't do a Remi within my spec.
Blix :cry: I liked the look of them too


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You could consider Heym or Schultz & Larsen and Sako, I have a Schultz & Larsen in .243 and it is one very accurate Rifle.



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Hi poddle.
My choice would be one of these Sako 75s. [.243]
I bought mine a few years ago when a friend emmigrated to Canada.
It is a one-holer with nearly each load I have tried in it.
Stainless steel, laminated stock, 5 shot detachable magazine, excellent trigger.


paul k

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The Steyr Mannlicher is also a nice bit of kit that shoots a tight group and looks nice.


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Good stuff fella's I do like the Sako 75, but did it not have a silly locking bolt system on it? I heard it could be annoying?
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