advice on mounts / rail for new scope please

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Hoping that this is the correct section.

I have got a new scope - a schmidt and bender 8x56 - and am looking to buy the mounts i need to set it up and am looking for a bit of advice.

My rifle is a remington 700 and at the moment it has no mounts on it or a rail just the bare barrel with the screw holes.

My question is what will i need to buy to mount the scope on the rifle and what is a good make of mount to buy. Also will i get away with medium mounts or will i require large ones?



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You have purchased just about the easiest rifle to get mounts for, every gunshop worth their salt will have mounts in stock to fit this rifle.
Go for steel mounts every time if you can. Leupold are one of the most common makes and good for the money as are Weaver and Hilver.
Probably the most adaptable system will be to fit a picitinny rail allowing a mix and match aproach.
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