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Hi all, i am looking for a bit of legal advice and thought this would be the best place to ask as there is a lot of good people here with wealth of knowledge.
Sadly i have just lost a very good stalking companion and need to help his widow to sort out his firearms. I believe he has left them to me but not sure of how i go about getting them transfered.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you


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Hi Tony, you will need to speak to your FAO and explain the situation. He may then issue you with a temp cert for the rifles until you can get the variations sorted. ( assuming you already hold a FAC). Just because you have inherited the rifles does not mean you will be able to hold onto them, you will still need to have a justfied reason to own each of them.



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Hi Tony, and sorry to hear of your loss of a friend.

For the time being your friends widow with your help should be able to take them to your nearest gunshop to put them into storage until you have got the situation as to wether you plan to have them is sorted.



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inheritted firearms

MH is right. As soon as possible get in touch with your local firearms department. Tell them the scenario and they MAY grant a temporary permit, otherwise you will have to take them to the local rfd to lodge whilst it gets sorted. If you let the local police take them to store they will not be treated very well so you are best getting them to the RFD straight away

the bad news is that you will not get a ticket to own them because of sentimental value (which you can with a shotgun). so you will need to justify each individual rifle you want to keep.

however i have 3 x stalking calibre rifles a .243 which i use for fox control a 7mm08 which i use for most deer stalking and a .30-06 which i iuse for stalking big deer over longer ranges and on the hill. so don't think that you can only have one deer legal calibre.

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