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Hi all,the mentor on my FAC has written to the police to have the supervisory restriction removed,and,they have said that as long as he says I am competent then they will remove it.But,I want to have an open ticket when they remove it,so,has anyone got any tips on what I should put in the letter to the FEO to try and get it opened up.Any help will be very appreciated...........Martin.


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Hello re`M`ington,

Alot will depend on how long you have owned your FAC, how many bullets you have gone through, and obviously this competence letter from your mentor. Nowadays they like you to have your FAC for about 5 years before opening it up. I have been responsible for writing letters to my local FLO for a few people that i have mentored over the years, with some having their FACs fully opened up, and others which have gone onto the "the land must be cleared by the local police in that area" blah blah blah. :rolleyes:

These are my experiences anyway, but swampy might give you some better idea as it`s a while since i have done any letters for people, so it may have changed.

Good luck. ;)

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