Advice required:Temporary storage of firearms to another licenced firearms holder


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A neighbour has asked to store his rifles and shotguns in my cabinets,as there has been a domestic at his house and the police were called during the Christmas period.
I am wondering what is the requirement under theses circumstances do you have to transfer them over onto your license as there is no provision for the reason of storage,it states lent,given sold.but none of these apply.

And also do you have to inform the firearms dept of the temporary storage is there any notification required if so is that the normal 7 days period

How long is temporary storage before it becomes an issue on my licence

Although I have held my Certificate for a number of years I have never come accross this issue


You can do shotguns under 'lent' and write them onto your license (and notify too obviously), as long as you have adequate storage space. You cannot do rifles - period (unless you have an open 'slot' for that calibre). Straight to an RFD for storage - c£1 per day per rifle. He should also notify the police he has done this. He can remove them from the RFD at any time and put them back there should he want to go shooting. He may choose not to let his partner know this has been done, but the Police should be informed in the circumstances. Whatever the decision, he should act promptly.


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Thanks for the swift reply,
I was under the impression Storage with another Firearms cert holder was acceptable, is there any exception other than RFD as I dont have an extra slot on my the moment.
He was informed by the FAO to remove them from the premises and place them in storage but as yet has not, that was at christmas.will in that include Guns and ammunition to be removed.

In desperation he has asked if I can store them, on a temporary basis.
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you can not store rifles as explained uin other thread if you want to email me i can arrannge for storage no charge just pay for transportation £9 per gun each way


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As already stated, rifles will have to go to the rfd unless you have slots for them.
Shotties can be lent to you and inform fld as normal.


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I will explain the situation to my neighbour, I can see an issue arising as he has not complied with their instruction of removing the firearms from the premises

thanks again for all your help, thats what makes SD.

Spud I will pass on your details Much appreciated


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Sorry if it is pedantic but.....

on what grounds have the police asked him to remove a legally held firearm from his premises?

If he is considered a threat then they would/should/could have seized them.
if he is not, as I suspect from the blasé approach, then they have no right to make such a request.

now if he is a nice compliant chap he could of course present them with both sets of keys to his cabinet
personally if the request is unlawful I would not be complying unless they are very clear in what it is they think they are preventing and why that prevention should be up to the owner and potential felon!!

if he is not of sound mind and cannot possibly control himself then he should not have the weapons and they should have never have granted the FAC in the first place or should be currently revoking it and seizing the firearms

clearly they don't seem it as significant as that

have they requested removal of all kitchen knives as well?!


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It's true AN DU RU FOX, we have this third hand, so there may well be more than meets the eye. So how much of a threat someone might or might not be is open to question. It could, for example be "the party of the other party" who presents a threat, hence the advice to the innocent party who is the cert. holder to move the firearms. (Even though she shouldn't have access anyway). However, I speculate.

As for the police requesting that he remove them, of course they have as much right as anyone in this free country doing their job to make any request. Whether they will/can/should follow up on him not acceding to the request is, of course another matter. I suspect if it was my firearms involved, I'd be worried about the repercussions of not removing them to be honest. Having a fight with the missus is bad enough for the health of one's certificates. Digging the heels in with the cops as well to make a point? Not sure I'd recommend that.
i dont want to speculate either as i said we dont know anything,and like you its better to be safe than sorry ,i myself at this time am holding a friends guns four in total and all on my ticket because of a domestic,its been hard for those involved ,and as i say in this case i hope it gets sorted ammicably,