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I like to walk in the woods looking for deers and boars (and other animals) mostly in the eventing. Sometimes walking in the fields around the woods but then talking of fields of several hundreds of meters.
Like to buy my 1st thermal imaging device to help me to locate and also observe them. I am not looking for the equipment with the longest detection range but something that also provides enough detail to enjoy the observing and behaviour. I would be happy to get some advice. Read various articles, watched youtube videos but the more I read the more difficult it gets. Get a little bit lost in resolution, magnification, thermal sensitivity etc. Therefore posting this question.

Want to spend about Euro 2000,- (max) and my thoughts are, at this moment, a Pulsar Helion XP38 ( 2nd hand) or a Pulsar Axion XQ38.
Would this be a logic selection or would something else be better.

Looking forward getting your reply


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Excellent choices. I bought an XM30S this time last year and it's great for what you want to do and within your price range. The XQ38, I'm sure would also work well, probably better in forestry given its lower base mag.. I've used the Helion before and it was very good but the downside for me was its bulk; it won't fit in your pocket!

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Your choices will do just fine.
It wouldn't be a bad move to purchase a USED Thermal that was top-of-the-range 4-5 years ago, providing you buy from a reputable dealer/shop, and pay for it by Credit Card, to give you some potential back-up.
I changed a Pulsar Quantum HD50S (top of the range when new) for a Helion XP38, my current Thermal, - and frankly there isn't that much difference between them - whatever the marketing men say- apart from the newer Thermals are more likely to be water-proof - an important consideration.
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