advice wanted please

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i've just been learning how to home load from a friend i'm looking for some advice on on some on making some 243 100g rounds for my tikka t3 hunter my friend is more than willing to show me what he knows but i've always believed the more people opinions that i could use would only help me further so any help would be much appreciated


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Hi there bartman, there are lots of people on here who could give you advice on reloading. In fact we all try to help people who are starting out in reloading, and one thing that is always mentioned along with getting and reading a decent manual, is to try and find someone who can show you how to go on.

I think my best advice to you would be to listen and learn from your friend, get some rounds loaded and tested. Then discuss what you have and try to improve on them by seeking different opinions, but I really do think that too many opinions before you start could be counter productive. Go with what you have and then go from there.



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Advice wanted please

Hi Bartman, I am assuming you have the basic reloading Kit, including scales and Reloading Manual.
I would load five rounds of each powder weight, from Starting load, in 1 grain incruments.
For example if the powder start load was say 40 grains, then make up 5 rounds at that weight, then 5 at 41 grains and so on, up to the Maximum weight.
Take these to the range and WITH A GOOD REST, fire three or five shot groups, allowing your barrel to cool between shots (it doesn't matter where on the target they go as you are looking for the tightest group) this can take A LONG TIME.

In all probability the Maximum load will not give you the best group.

Decide on the best group and if you want to fine tune, then load half a grain either side of that load and try them.

Now you can concentrate on Zeroing your rifle.


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I found that deciding which bullet I wanted to use was a good starting point, then I used the manufacturer's web site to get ideas for powders/loads.

Make sure you start with a bullet you know you can get easily later on if you find it works well for you.

You can do it the other way around and see what the powder makers web sites suggest , but often they just provide loads for generic bullets rather than specific manufacturer's bullets.

It will get you in the ball park so you can see what your options are.

I use Hornady 87gr softpoint and VV N140 powder. It's close enough for now, but the powder might be a bit fast and it remains to be seen how easily I can get those bullet heads in future.

Looks like it will be a long job.

I also got an excellent DVD on reloading - it's a good 1 1/2 hours long and goes through everything including problems you can run into. It was part of a DSC box set and it's a gamekeeper in Scotland - don't know his name but he knows his stuff.


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Hi Bartman,

As JAYB say's spend some time with yoru friend learn how to reload saftely. Find a good manual buy some 100grn bullets and start producing bullets. best advice I can give is to listern to an experianced person reloading is relitively easy but if you don't follow the recipies in the manuals you can get your self into trouble.

Like you I've got a .243 T3 and produce loads for my rifle but what's good in my rifle may not work so well in your's.

Good luck.

Ps have a look at the speer 100grn softpoint boat tails
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