Advice, what would you buy out of these 22-250's


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Hi everyone.
Im looking for some advise.
Im about to buy my first foxing rifle in 22-250, i haven t got a huge budget (around £600 max) with the possibility to add a sound mod at a later date and iv got a scope that will do the job.
Iv been looking at 3 possibilitys at my local shop
CZ 550 lux (£450 new) not screw cut
Browning A-Bolt comp stalker (£550 new)
remington 700 sps (£550 new)

Iv heard great things about the tikka t3 but at £670 - £750 its a bit over my budget or should i hold off till i can afford one.

I know a simler question has been asked but whats your thoughts on value for money at these prices

Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance

jay 22

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i mate if your worried on the money side of things look for a good second hand one. its a fast shooting calibre so your have to trust the dealer or private seller your getting one off.

look at the throat of the rifle and the crown. your soon see if there is any barrel wear in there. most rifle dealers have bore scopes also this is the ideal way to check the bore of one.
if it was me i would look at a tikka m595 or if you come across one a winchester stealth. there superb rifles and very accurate

Chris Rob

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Its usual to post an introduction on SD before you start posting but in reply to your question:

I can only comment on two of your choices, a friend owns a Remmy 700, the VSSF version in .22-250 & its a very nice accurate rifle but very heavy in that format, I should know as I lugged it up a mountain in Ireland in May last year to take a Wild Mountain Goat!

I use a Tikka T3 Hunter Deluxe in .22-250 & cannot fault it, very accurate & it's never let me down.

Swillington have one for sale at £550.

Good luck in your search



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Go and pick up all 3. Pull the bolt out . Put it in . Dry fire them a few times. Put them to your shoulder and see what feels best. Just a word of caution if you buy the cz and need to get it screwcut you may end up paying more if proofed and be without your rifle for a week or two. I'm sure they will all shoot well.

Atb Steve

norma 308

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my 1st centrefire was a 22.250 and it was the remy 700 VSSF i still have it ! dont let brithunter put you off lol he hates em ! :D sorry brit. got it screw cut so it weighs a ton but i must say it is super accurate and i am super strong :lol: good luck


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Alternatively, from the classifieds here:

Winchester 'Classic Stainless' Model 70 .22/250 with synthetic stock, which is unmarked.
The whole outfit is pretty much as new, apart from the fact that the standard weight barrel has been shortened to 20 1/2" and recrowned. It has been threaded 1/2"x 20 UNF and re-proofed. It has fired less than 20 shots. I bought it to help a friend who needed the cash, but have decided that I don't really need the rifle.
It comes with steel bases and 1" rings which are suitable for up to a 50mm objective.


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Hi, Thanks for all your reply s. I apologise for not introducing myself, im a farmer in the north east and mostly shoot rabbits, rats and foxes. I have on loan an old cz 550 22-250 but its a bit heavy to lug around.

Iv not really looked at second hand because people say the 22-250s are real barrel burners or is this not the case. The local shop has a s/h winchester 70 with a t8 mod for £525.

Im flat out with harvest at the minute so im stuck with local shops.
Think it might have to be a tikka t3 lite. Do you know if they all come screw cut?


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dont be to put off by second hand .22-250's even tho they can burn barrels out quickly it still takes a lot of use to do this, personally if your on a limited budget i would be looking at a second hand remmy and maybe upgrading on your scope, i know you said you have one which will do but if you can jsut try and spend a little more on the scope as it will pay dividends try looking for a second hand meopta 7x50 or if you can streach to it a schmidt 8x56

jay 22

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the tikka's do come screwcut. m14x1 for the sporter barrel and m18x1 for the varmint barrel


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ive got a T3 lite stainless and i live in co. durham if you have somewhere to shoot it your welcome to drop me a pm and i'll let you have a few shots to help you decide in making your choice
best regards
Andy (dully1963)
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Hi l19gus,Personally i would wait and save till you had enough funds to buy what you wanted,For me you dont want someone elses s***e,Saying that, If you know where the rifle is coming from thats different.Ive got a tikka t3 and i cant fault it and had a tikka 595,Both cracking rifles for "out of the box" accuracy.
Atb John.


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have look at the sako in the sales section. a bargain

don't know why he keeps advertising it as a 75. It certainly isn't a 75. It looks like an A2, M591 or L579 from photos on the earlier adverts.
And what's that paint hiding?