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Hello everyone.

About three years ago I was approached by a chap known to me for many years. He asked if I would sign his application for a shotgun certificate. This I did as I knew the family well and he had just got married and had a small child and everything looked well. I saw him on a regular basis and helped him choose his first shotgun. About 18 months ago I heard from a friend that he had gone off the rails and was behaving like a child and had been convicted of minor offences. This came as quite a shock and my immediate thoughts were what would the police think of me as I was the one who signed to say he was of stable mind and responsible. He has continued to let himself down badly and from what I hear he is capable of anything.
I would like any advise please on what could happen to me should he continue in this way. I would never have signed it if I knew he would behave in this manner. I will certainly not be signing his renewal if he gets the opportunity and I have even thought of contacting my Firearms officer to tell of my concern but do not know if I would open up a can of worms. What do you think guys.


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Why did the guy want a shotgun in the first place!!
If he's caught for any type of violence the guns will be taken from him. I know we're not all psychologists on here,but if you think he could use his guns in anger,I would advise the local department if it was me in your position. Hoping nothing will happen could be dangerous.


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If I remember correctly you sign to say you know the person and you know of no reason why they should not hold a SG. At the time of signing the form you were unaware of any problems I'm sure!

You will not be in any trouble, nor will you be held responsible. Think about it, if anyone was going to be held accountable for signing the form, no one in their right mind would agree to sign it.

Sadly the whole application process is not good but they have yet to come up with an alternative.

I do agree with DL discuss your concerns with your FLO if you are worried but remember, they are not linked.


Richard Parsons

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The wording on applications says, 'by signing this document you are in no way guaranteeing the future conduct of the applicant' . Hope this calms things down a little for you!!

dave 67

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Hope this sets your mind a bit easier, as stated in Richards post this is the
relevant paragraph copied straight from the HO Firearms Guidance.

10.7 A referee may be of any background
or occupation. A referee must be of good
character, whom the police may trust to give
honest replies to the questions contained on
the referee form (the referee is not required
to guarantee the applicant’s good behaviour).



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Strictly speaking HO Guidance is not law, it is guidance for the respective forces to follow..... that is until they start making it up as they go along.

Dave, the guidance you refer to is a move away from Dr's JP's Civil servants etc signing the form but does address the issue although not completely.

dave 67

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I agree with what you are saying, I was just trying to point out that this is written in the guide lines the FEO's have to follow (when it fits). I think it would be highly improbable that this sort of case would ever make it in to a court of law (in my opinion). You sign at the time with the best knowledge you have, no one can predict the future or what life will throw at you. I think this is more a moral/ethical question that Predator control has to answer himself. I for one do not envy him that choice.


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My sincere thanks go out to everyone that have put my mind at rest and contributed to this post. I was getting very concerned especially as I want a variation on my own licence very soon.
When I earlier stated that he was capable of anything, I did not mean with a shotgun. That never entered my head and would be my worst nightmare. It just seems that wherever there is trouble he is always on the scene or connected in some way.
I really am grateful and thank you all again for your time and concern.
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