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Hi,i,m from N.I. iv,e been asked by a farmer to cull a few fallow which are causing him some problems. On my firearm certificate it states that my rifle may only be used on an approved range in N.I. As my only stalking ground is in southern ireland, what,s my first step in getting this farmer,s land on my certificate,sorry i forgot to mention the land is bordering forestry.thanks.


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The law and conditions can only apply within the legislative area. If you take a rifle outside that area, you must comply with local laws.

I am not an expert on the law in Ireland, but say if I took my rifle out of the country form England to France, the UK police have no jurisdiction so can't prosecute.


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Yes, Essentially correct. The (British) law stops at the border. What you do, or don't do with your property once over that border is your business and that of the Republic or Ireland.

However it may be advisable to check exactly what the law is in Northern Ireland regarding taking a rifle out of the six counties. That may need to be checked.

Personally? I would ask the farmer if he could give you a written permission and then ask that your Certificate be varied to allow "Deer Stalking and Culling in the Republic or Ireland and other places outside Northern Ireland" as you may need that to get authority to purchase soft point ammunition.

Which you will need to zero with at some stage before or on your trip.

If you are a member of BASC they can advise too.


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It looks like you have just picked up some stalking in NI.

Get a permission letter from the farmer and put it to your FLO to get the conditions changed.


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In order to take your rifle out of NI you need a variation allowing transport. This is the case even if just going to Scotland. A letter giving you an invitation or permission to stalk in the ROI would be enough to allow you to apply for that. I would guess you already have this on your FAC but be aware that some FEOs are a bit vague on this so if you don't have it I would suggest you get the paperwork and acquire it PDQ. I assume you have already done the European Firearms Pass thing and got a licence in ROI.

For the ground in NI you will need a letter from the owner of the stalking rights (and they aren't always the landowner) giving you permission to cull deer on their ground. Usually they also ask for a map with the borders drawn on it and they like you to state the number of acres within the area. It will make the whole thing go faster for you if you submit a map along with the first application as this saves them writing back to you to ask for it.

You then need to fill out the paperwork (the same form you use to apply for a FAC but you don't need the referees or the photos this time) noting that you want the variation to allow you to cull deer within NI. Also be sure to list the other stuff you want to do i.e. transport, approved range etc.

Because this will be, almost, a new application the police need to come out and see you and inspect your cabinet so this will take a while.

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Hi,thanks caorach, just back from getting my letter off permission and map from the farmer,will get into see my FEO tomorrow and try to get my paperwork done asap. i will be hoping that the variation doesn,t take as long as my rifle application, it took almost 7 months. cheers the scudd.