africa 2003 part 2

Leica Amplus 6
as the adventure continued
the following morning was just a frosty but a new meaning had come to the trip , from leaving birmingham to finaly reaching our destination a few miles across the water i realised this was the type of trip i had planned for and now it was actualy happening, today we were after reedbuck and steenbok not a difficult hunt but but a good walk was essential , as we headed out a reference point was two moutian peaks in the distance , the locals called them martha and mary

a good hour into the hunt a few reed buck were spotted but so were we, from this no shot was had
dricus our PH directed us to a mountain that he had much success with reedbuck but kept the surprise to last

now i know why he was laughing under his breath , how the hell were going to get down this
the sight of this waterfull in full flow must be amazing , lucky for us they were in a bit of a dry spell
downward we climbed into the valley when things started to happen
it was alive with antelope , several blesbok ran out only twenty or so yards from us and suddenly we knew why we had walk so far , in amongst the rocks this sandy coloured shape stood staring at me , 'dricus i said ' what is that'
he said 'that will do ,shoot' from that my first mountain reedbuck was in the bag a nice first beast but nothing special ,

as the day went on dricus went off with mark my brother inlaw and left me with my new tracking companion Aeroplane was his name, he had the eyesight of a hawk but smoked like a train,
from the distance a shot rang out then another ,hopefully mark had connected , almost immediately Aeroplane shouts 'dar, dar' and points into the rocks quick as i could from the nearest rock i took aim and squeezed of a round the buck jumped and started to move off slowly, first shot slightly back , the second made sure and a second reed buck was in the bag,

joy and jubilation now turned to horror we had walked over 2hours to get here now we had to get home carrying our spoils of the day

good old Aeroplane :lol: