Africa Trip 2018


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Looking at going to Africa in 2018, It will be my first time and I will be taking my girlfriend and my son who will be five then. As anybody got any recommendations?


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Teckel, done to death here often. There's plenty, all good. I'd look at Bos en Dal site - they are members on here. They've looked after me well, but if you look, loads of guys have been down there to loads of different companies.
The damn thing at this moment is that the pound v dollar is rubbish. Pound v rand is good but doesn't help.
Anyway, good hunting.


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Try ARU game lodges in Namibia .....Danene (owner) runs 2 farms both have young family ,swimming pools quads ,horse riding etc and she can arrange plenty of sight seeing ,alternatively try Mark Dedekind at MD Safaris in SA, definitely speak to them both and see what they can arrange as extra activities for the family ,good luck,
oh and Namibia is far easier with gun entry much less agro less forms etc there are some posts on SD about it


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The only recommendation you need is Namibia.
I went last year for the first time with a wife and daughter and we all loved it.
I had a week hunting and then a week self drive around the country.
My wife and daughter weren't going to come hunting every day but they did.
The game is plentiful, mostly unfenced if you want that and the countryside and experience is one I will be repeating this time next month.
Driving is easy, accommodation and food cheap and there are fewer people which lends to the feeling of a more wild experience.
Ever since I went there I have been working to return.
The flights are a little more expensive but the hunting is generally cheaper.
I seriously loved every second of my time there and I know the family did too.
If you want any more information I will be happy to provide it as I know several other members who have been there will too.