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Hi Guys n Galls,
just got back from Quex. I left early as I'm still returning to form after a nasty virus, which has left me with a very defunct sence of balance. Thanks to Mr and especially Mrs Rob Mac, Our very supportive wives realy do need to be thanked I feel! Also to Sir and Lady Malc. (sorry I couldn't do the museum justice, but the thought of stumbling down the stairs into the sword collection finaly did it for me). To the rest of the members and partners who came along it was great to put faces to names, with a few exceptions, Wadas and Beo. Wadas cos he stole away my bottle of whisky by one clay! (32 against my WIFES 31). And Beo because that face would be better NOT known.
Thanks for a fantastic time all of you, it was a pleasure, despite me being Tom n Dick.
Cheers to all,

Andy L

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Well Guys, I live local so am back quite quickly.
Sorry you were feeling rough Buckup. I am not convinced it was a virus, more likely that cough mixture liquour that you were drinking!
Met up with a great bunch of blokes and ladies. Good laugh. Wadas won the whiskey, I think Legaleagle won the hangover competition.
I would like to thank Sikamalc, who is a scholar and gentleman of the highest order. He showed us around the museum, house and archives and I think we were all amazed by what we saw. What Malc does not know about that collection and its history is not worth knowing and if you have never been there, make the effort. It is well worth it.
Cheers Rob Mac for helping to organise it.

Cheers Guys and here is to the next trip!



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i would also like to add my thanks to rob and malc and everybody else who was involved with the organising. i had a fantastic time and saw and learnt things at quex that were entirely new to me. i also met a lot of nice people who i hope to see again in the not too distant future.
malc i hope you can fix that luger that stone and legal buggered, talk about kids in a sweet shop :lol: .
regards mark.


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What a great weekend, thanks to Rob, Sikamalc and partners for providing us with such an interesting weekend. COngrads to waddas on the bottle. I will have some fond memories of the visit and I am already looking forward to the next time. Look forward to seeing all the photos and hearing the chat after this one.


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Well thats everyone away back home now, finally said goodbye to the remaining participants about and hour ago. Thank you to all that attended, and especially to Rob and Muddy for the help in organising the weekend and for the very nice prizes.

Wadas is now the lucky holder of the whisky, thats if Mr B and Stone have not drunk it on the way home. Still Wadas you would prefer a "A nice cuppa tea" :lol:

It was great meeting everyone, and I look forward to seeing some of the photos of the weekend :eek: Especially Legal Eagle for the ive drunk the most at the pub photo :lol: :lol: No really pleasure to meet you and Fran, take care.

Safe journey home guys and gals.


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Well from Darinda and myself many thanks to Malcolm, Rob Mac and Muddy for sorting the weekend out. We really enjoyed ourselves and met some cracking folk. It's just a shame we couldn't talk to everyone as much as we would have liked to.
It's the CLA next so hopefully we will get together with even more members. :D
I'll wait for the pictures before I pass more comment. I think that I'll be digging myself out and have a lot of explaining to do once they hit the site. It all seems rather hazy after I drank that Japanese wine with the lizard in the bottle! :eek:

Many thanks!


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What a great day and a truly magical place
It was good to put some of the faces to names :D
Many thanks to Malcolm you hold a lot of knowledge for just one man :eek: :D
Hope to see you all at the CLA game fair

Robin and Cherry it was a pleasure to meet you both and hope we meet again


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hi all
i would just like to express my thanks to rob mac and malcom for organising this event and to muddy for the prizes and wadas for driving
but would also say an even bigger thanks to malcom for the magnificent tour you bestowed on us all , wow factor is an understatment along with the knowledge you hav and expressed to us during the day but for also showing us behind the scene's , word's can't realy descibe it

welll for the rest of you
words really can't describe it ,so nice to meet so many of you and share such a fantastic time , sat night one to remember , followed by one hell of a day
shan't say to much more
as i hav to liase with ellie (part of the muddy clan) as she kindly got wet taking pics of the clay shoot and put with those of mine from the museum tour i shall put a little write up together.
alled12 nice try , thanks for the kind words in the pm you sent me but it won't work , just hope ellie caught it on film
so once again many thanks to all that managed to get there
it was a pleasure


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Truly awesome.

What a wonderful and interesting place, Malc you are a credit to the place with your knowledge of the collection and its history.

It was good to put faces to names at last and to meet some off here, hope to see you all and more at the CLA soon.

Thanks Rob and Malc for organising the day, myself and ladystalker will be going back at some time in the near future only next time with the ankle biters as l know my daughter will love it.

Andy L

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Stone, You would not be hinting that Ellie might have Alled's foot stamping on camera would you? That would just be cruel. :lol:


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Oh boy the fall outs started already. :D I can see I am in for a bit of a rough time, but hey it was all in a very good cause. I do have a couple of photos you may want for your collection stone :D . Once again thanks to all for making it such a great wekend.


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Well guys AND girls, what can i say? :confused:

Firstly, what a fantastic bunch of gentlemen and ladies i have had the pleasure of meeting this weekend, made even more pleasurable with people just relaxing and having a great time and laugh, it`s like we have known each other for years. :lol:

Malcom, thankyou for the tour around your VERY impressive museum, you should be very proud of the knowledge, time and effort you have put in to making the place a pleasure to walk around. ;)

Thanks also to muddy for the bottle of whiskey, but i won`t dwell too much on the subject :lol: , but, bad luck to Mrs Buckup, but also well done ;) .

I would also like to thank stone for lending me a coat when it peed down during the shoot, cos i didn`t bring one, :eek: :confused: so cheers.

PS, I have been enjoying a nice cup of tea whilst posting this. :lol:



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clay shoot and quex

sorry i could not post last night but had to take other half out for a meal as it was her birthday saturday and i did not want **** for the next year . Enought said about that what a wonderfull weekend , what a cracking bunch of people the best time we have had for ages i dont know what pictures ellie has so i better not wind her up i will have to leave it to stone to liase with here i think leagle may offer money or a writt against some of them . The girls were also great they joined in with every thing never winged about the rain or any thing else . any way CONGRATS WADAS for winning the shoot hope you enjoy the bottle . The same to BUCKUPS good lady hope you enjoy yours to and hope your old man get better soon . MR B must have drunk his on saturday night as on sunday he was fondling a pair of girafes bollocks the only person who could reach them or we all may have had a feel i think not . Many thanks to malc for organising it all rob for his part in it and thankyou all for turning up on the week end all you out there you dont know what you missed as words cant explain the wonderfull time we all had but the bar man was getting a bit edgy at about 1 30 sunday morning wanting to go to bed . ALL THE BEST FROM MUDDY DUNCAN AND ELLIE THE BEST CRACK FOR AGES .


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Well .. what can I say after all that proceeds me, sounds like everyone had a great time I know we did Fran has now decided she wants a go at stalking as Mrs B said she would if Fran did :rolleyes: and following the clayshoot Mrs Legal wants a 20 gauge clay gun "so we can do something together" sounds ominous
On the matter of the malicious rumours of my drunken behaviour I entirely refute these scrullous utterings and have absolutely no recollection of the affair :oops:
Sorry about the luger Malc, hope you fixed it ok... :oops: :oops:
I think it was great to put names to faces and had a fab weekend, expecially as everyone earlier stated three cheers to Malc and Rob Mac


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Hi Legal,
I can't wait to see the photos. Can you mate? :lol: Me touching up a Giraffe, Wadas getting a cuddle off a dead German convict and your good self running around 'Swashing your buckles' with a pair of flintlocks! :eek: And that was when we were sober! :lol:


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Lol yeh was a blast ;)

didn't get to go France talked Fran into it then realised not got my passport arghhhh
Great plans, disaster and planning but not necessarily in that order :oops:


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Re photographs ellie and duncan moved out this week into there own place have had broadband put in but got to wait a couple of days for it to be activated . Stone already contacted ellie to send them to him so it wont be long now to make any apologies you may need . I hopefully dont need any but you never know with ellie . Any way as kenny everett used to say its all in the best possible taste and quex weekend certainly was BRILLIANT


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Stone is out of circulation at the moment, regretably there has been a death in the family. May I say on behalf of the site and it's members, we are sorry to hear of your loss. Take care mate.
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