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Hello all, please advise. I listed a BSA VC moderator on another forum and asked that any buyer send me, in the post, a declaration that they were over eighteen and, with it or by a e-mail scan, a copy of something like a gas/electric bill, driving licence or even a photo works ID. With that same name as on the declaration.

As I believed that the VCR whilst not applying to private sellers such as myself still requires private sellers to take reasonable measures to see that the buyer is over eighteen and also that the person receiving it is over eighteen.

Ended up with one or two buyers that wanted it it then saying that they had "Been in the Army", "Drove lorries", were "Well over eighteen and would have bought it if I had not asked for an Age Declaration" and they would not send such etc., etc.

Fine says I in that case I'll cancel the sale to you and re-list it. And then end up getting abuse!

Am I being reasonable or unreasonable? I've read the Dorset Police BASC leaflet and looked at page 19. Seems to me that whether we want it or not moderators would be held by any court to fall within the VCR and, additionally, RFD or not the "over eighteen" applies to all sales.

My reasoning being that anyone can lie about their age on the internet and if I did sell to a snotty fourteen year old it is me that will then face the music and all for a mere £27.50 that I was asking.

Comments please?
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As the seller I reckon you can apply any conditions to the sale you want. People who send abuse discredit themselves, most of what I read that I don't like I ignore and move on.


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Sounds to me like however old these blokes are they arent acting like adults, and therefore are probably better off without!
I'd be perfectly happy to prove my age if I wanted the item.


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Seems reasonable. It's standard practice when you buy alcohol online usually. Makes sense and little or no bother. Quick pic of your passport on your smartphone camera and an email and sorted. I wouldn't sell it like that without some proof of age, it's you that'll be in trouble if the doodoo hits the fan.

paul o'

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can't see a problem with your request's you can always blank off the gas bill any other parts account number ect just the address in there name would be fine .


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IS it actually required for an air rifle silencer ?????? as its not covered as a section 1 Mod its just a smartie tube
VCR act applies as in Must be RFD for New (air rifle component part and accessories (Silencers)

But cant see the age thing applies as its a separate section and applies to air weapons and ammunition

another case of badly written legislation that could be taken both ways
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My thoughts exactly FGYT. If it were a proofed moderator to go on a firearm then you'd need to see an FAC with an available slot for it, but for an air rifle it's basically just a tube of metal. As far as I can tell there are no restrictions on the sale of the moderators, either in firearms law or under the VCRA.


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That's the problem FGYT it isn't clear....but then you read the ACPO and BASC Guide to the VCR. So not just Home Office "puff" but something with which BASC have collaborated and signed off on.

I read page 19 of this and it does appear to suggest that it applies to silencers/moderators (call them what you will) for all sellers private or RFD. I have emboldened the parts that caused me the concern.

I quoted it on my listing after the having the problem and then get some joker....maybe the original idiot's "mate"...saying "Well that's Dorset Poilce...What's it got to do with Leicester?"

What about private sales?Private sales do not have to be face-to-face, but remember that only persons aged 18 years
or over may purchase air weapons, component parts, detachable sound moderators and
ammunition for air weapons.
If you sell air weapons or their ammunition to people under 18 years old, both the seller
and young person would commit an offence (more about this in the next section). Private
sales may take place by post, but you must verify the age of the person to whom you are
selling. If the air weapon is received through the post by someone under 18 years of age
regardless of whether it is intended to reach an older person, both parties commit an
offence. Selling ammunition for air weapons is not restricted to RFD’s but it must only be
sold to persons aged 18 years or older.
Although it is illegal to sell an air gun or its ammunition to under 18s, there is a defence if
you can prove that you believed the young person was over 18 or that you had reasonable
grounds for believing so.
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Some time ago my mate asked me if when I was next passing one of the larger welll know gun stores to pop in and pick up a moderator for his air rifle. I think it's been a long time since I have been asked to provide evidence that I am over 18 but none the less the shop covers it's back by asking you to sign a declaration that you are over 18 when buying such items.

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You complied with reasonable requirements. You would need to do the same if selling a knife. So don't beat yourself. But of course we all reach the age of 21 when we become parents and are 21 for every birthday until we become grandparents at which point we reach the age of 40. And many of us do look younger than our age, so best to check:D