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A 85 yr old hunter went to his doctor.
Look doc I gotta complaint about you, You told me I was going senile and had a touch of Alzeimhers, how can that be?
I got a lovely 21 yr old ex model for a wife and she`s 3 mnths pregnant, not bad for a 85 yr old, what you wanna say about that then?
Doc replies, Look,Mr Davies, I`d like to tell you a story about a similar aged hunter...
Hunter goes out one day for a walk in the woods, sees a Beaver lazing in the sun, the old hunter realises he had forgotten his rifle so he sits watching the Beaver, he suddenly hears 2 shots and the Beaver falls over dead, what does that tell you Mr Davies?
....Hmmm well looks like someone else put a couple of shots into that beaver.............
Doc replies...... MY SENTIMENTS EXACTLY !!!!
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