Ah Novak some reckon you are telling porkies.


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haven't other tennis players actually left and gone home because they didn't meet the criteria, and if they let Djokovic play, wont the ones that have left be able to sue the testicles off the Govt.


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So this iconic tennis player apparently has so far admitted:

a. he travelled to Belgrade (but his team didn't mention this on the application form)
b. he conducted a face to face interview knowing that he had tested positive for Covid

Very fishy smell emanating from this entire case.

John Gryphon

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Last i saw was a snippet this morn

Novak Djokovic’s lawyers have made an eleventh hour bid to save his grand slam hopes amid news the government is preparing to deport him.


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Meanwhile, the rascally Penguin Number 1 Seeded Tennis Star cracks-on with match prep’ practice without posing any threat to the indigenous or otherwise down-under population? Hell, it’s not as if he’s invited the SD membership and J Gryphon to his hotel swimming pool for outdoor drinks!


John Gryphon

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latest snippet.

Veteran political journalist Paul Bongiorno has been told by insiders that Novak Djokovic will be kicked out of the country by Immigration Minister Alex Hawke today.


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With luck this anti-vax idiot will get a dose of real Covid that will put him in ICU for a few weeks.

If it puts a fine athlete like him down then I don’t hold out much hope for the rest of humanity so I think he’s probably pretty safe from your very kind suggestion….