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A sad tale really - well the sabbatical is anyway - but with a happy ending.
Was brought up on a farm, started shooting rabbits crawling from row to row of blackcurrent bushes with an old Webley 0.177 air rifle (successfuly I might add and at the expense of homework!), progressed to 0.22 rifle and 7.62 match shooting. Then spent a looooong time overseas. Now, 30+ years on am back into shooting big time, with FAC, 0.308 and, in October DSC1 in hand and a very tolerant wife. Eager to get out there but new to stalking. Looking for some pest deer culling, preferably in East Anglia but would travel further afield. Happy to accompany A.N.Other (I'm mature enough to know that I don't know it all) towards that end. Any takers or direction would be VERY much appreciated. Thanks in advance.