Aigle Parcour ISO 2 - Any Good ???


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I am looking to replace my "Grubbers" with something a little more comfortable, I have been offered a pair of Aigle Parcours ISO 2 wellies at a good price, are they any good. I do a lot of walking when rough shooting and lamping so comfort and warmth are very important as is durability.

What do you guys think ???


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They are a cracking boot use mine for stalking, dog walking, driven game shooting and general walking where willies are needed. I even bought my dad a pair I love mine that much. I have big legs so next time I will buy a full zip pair so I can get my Harkila trousers in too!


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Yep, great boots. Mine are the full-zip model and I think I prefer them to the ones with the top strap now. On rough ground they don't offer much ankle support, but that's just the nature of neoprene wellies. I love mine, but use my Mouflons for stalking on rough ground
Great boots. Well worth the money.

In daily use throughout the colder months for an hour of dog walking before work, and regularly 8+ hours at weekends. Comfortable, supportive, warm and dry throughout. Sufficiently sturdy that I don't feel every stone or flint through the sole.