Aimpoint, SERIOUSLY!!!


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Ha ha - looks like my pigeon hide after a day out for a 10 bag....

I feel your pain!!

I have a camera that slides over the barrels to record video of my shooting. I think it's residing in the bottom of a bin somewhere after being labelled 'shame-cam' :oops: :rofl:


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I saw it on facebook and thought it a very good photo-shopped picture and a clever play with used cartridges.
I just looked at it, thought what some pretty colours and moved on.
I didn't take it serious nor thought anybody else would either.


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So what if it is? They posted that on their Facebook page, great advert for use for spent cartridges, photoshopped or not!
considering that plastic wads from the Clays have been used to stabilise the quagmire at Short Siberia, Bisley I really can't see what there is to get het up about ? the carts and wads need to be cleared up and dealt with, so why sweep them under the carpet?


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I didn't take it serious nor thought anybody else would either.
I agree. Vortex and Hornady teamed up to make a Bullet Cam vid. Ryan Cleckner of the National Shooting Sports Foundation (US) made an Aprils Fools video about holding your rifle upside down to shoot if south of the equator. Hornady did their Zombie Max videos. It's nothing but a humorous response to a question.~Muir