Wanted: Air rifle

Fursty Ferret

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On the look out for a cheap 2nd hand 12ftlbs air rifle to be used as a back up rifle for my HW100 pcp.
Calibre.....dont mind!
This will be a professional pest control rifle for dispatching live quarry so accuraccy is the main criteria. It dont have to be pretty!
Would consider pcp for the right price but ideally spring or gas ram as its to be used as a back up rifle if I run out of air/get a leak etc.
Really looking for something in suffolk or surrounding counties so I can view first. I would also really want to fire the rifle before buying to see if the groupings are acceptable to use on live quarry.....this could be done on my ground
Fursty Ferret


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Hiya FF I’ve got a bsa Mercury.22 and it’s got a bsa reflex sight on it, plenty of power and tight groups I’ve been popping off those awful white pigeons that you seem to get free with solar panels give us a pm if your interested I’m after sub £100 Baz