Airgun Licensing Bill


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Well the "esteemed leader" of the SNP is touring England saying "you can trust us" This is after the "once in a generation" discussion about independence. I am afraid the answer is in scottish hands. Either don't vote for them or vote to leave and go away. I am afraid the rhetoric in Scotland against the English is a lower key version of Hitler's ploy on we would be alright if it weren't for the Jews.

Grow up and realise that the answer has been in your own hands for some time. The current devolution settlement will break up the union, so either get on with it or rejoin the UK.



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Be careful what you wish for. be careful who you vote for
check your MP s views on hunting/shooting before you vote for them.



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the rhetoric in Scotland against the English
There is no rhetoric against the English. That's the typical ignorant response from a lot of people who've been fed the usual crap from Westminster, and decide that the lie they want you to believe is the truth. They arethe body whose corruption, theft, cheats and self-serving lies are what Scotland was so in need of escape from. And mark my words, there'll come a day when England finally wakes up and realises that the entire Westminster machine needs to be ripped down and replaced, too.

All that aside though, perhaps it's you who needs to grow up and realise that airgun legislation is the thin end of the have a far greater percentage of people in England who'd like to see private gun ownership banned, and if ALL of us who shoot don't stand and fight this as one, then we might well be watching the beginning of the end as far as a great deal of our sport is concerned


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So we will listen to the evidence, the views of the populace and then do exactly what we wanted to without paying attention to anyone. Democracy anyone?


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Democracy anyone?
Shocking, isn't it? Especially given the track record of that cretin MacAskill who was responsible for it. Hounded out of office as a complete charlatan, but this idiotic legislation is still breathing? That's cost the SNP my vote come May


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The Scottish Government, both labour(hunting) and SNP(airguns) have a track record of ignoring consultation. This is because the legislature has no 'upper' or modifying 'house'. We were promised that the Scottish Government would need no modifying house.....such as the House of Lords.....because of the committees and consultation procedures. This has now proved to be a false hope. Both of the Scottish Governments we have had have abused their majorities and ignored both committees and consultation. In addition the current SNP government have dismissed the recent clear anti independence vote and, rejecting democracy, are proceeding with their own anti-uk agenda.

Sad days for Scotland.

Be careful what you wish for.
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