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Looking for a good reliable (not made of card) single rifle case to accomadate a tikka t3 with a schmidt 2.5-10-56. Prefrably airline approved just in case I ever get the oppertunity.
Suggestions and advice greatfully recieved. As always loads of options but personal experiences much preffered to marketing hype!


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I've long been a fan of Pelicases but I've recently been introduced to B&W International cases, made in Germany. They are made to similar standards to the Pelicases but are a good bit lighter - my B&W Type 72 rifle flight case is almost 3kg lighter than my 1750 Pelicase and only cost me £160 including pick'n'pluck foam inserts, plus it has space for two rifles and two broken-down shotguns. Definitely worth a look.

There's some good YouTube clips of B&W cases being tested.



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In my view a Peli is a lot more weight and volume than you need just for transporting a rifle. Get to the other end and try fitting a big Peli in a small hire car, or paying the excess baggage or...

Sure a Peli will do the job, they make first class cases, and it will give you a nice warm feeling inside but it is like shooting a 700NE at roe. There is absolutely nothing wrong with Peli and where I'm sitting at the minute I have, beside me, 2 Pelis with gear in them, and 7 other flight cases of various designs.

I always recommend custom flight cases to people wanting to carry rifles as they will be up to the job, smaller and lighter though don't expect to pay less than a Peli for one. Get a good flight case maker and they will make something exactly to your spec. Sometimes it is even possible to design it to meet a weight requirement - Easyjet allow 12kgs extra when you pay for a firearm and I have a custom flight case that with rifle, scope, bipod, mod and sling comes in at just a hair under 12kg. Perfect, plus it is the right shape and size for me to tell everyone that it holds a set of bagpipes :)
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