Alarm call!

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Quick, turn the old telly on to warm up. Mad Johnny is on in a few minutes,
Let's not miss another chance to rip him to bits. :lol: :lol: :lol:


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Hi Buckup
You don't watch that rubbish do you?
If I had my way I would chuck the darn thing in the bin,there is nothing but nonsense on every channel.
I only come indoors for meals,baths,loading,cuddles and sleep. (Well, I did before I joined this I also comunicate with strangers..)
Don't get sucked in Buckup.Before you know it you won't be able to go out and zero your rifle,knock off a few bunnies or even shoot that roe buck that's waiting for you because you'll be glued to some soap or some such thing. I've seen it happen...

Real life's oudoors.......

All the best,



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I have got the perfect cure for nights infront of the TV. Spring/summer evenings. Its great to have the lighter nights back. Thursday I'll be out on my permission straight after work.

Johnny Bloody kingdom! I ask you. :evil:


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Damn! I have missed Johnny Kingdom's weekly offering.

Only just, mind.

If I hadn't seen Buckup's warning, I might not have gone to the workshop and loaded 50 rounds of 6.5x55.

Might have sat there in front of the box suffocating with rage.

Thanks Buckup, I owe you a pint.


PS. When is the close season on Kingdomii Vulgaris?

Nick Gordon

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Come on now, while I agree Johnny Kingdom is absolute cr%p, there are some good programmes on.

Did anyone watch the David Attenborough programme on Sunday about the tigers in India.

It was one of the best nature documentaries I've seen in a long time.

The way the tigress stalked the deer was riveting.

Never mind re- introducing wolves here in Scotland, release some tigers :)



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Nick Gordon said:
Come on now, while I agree Johnny Kingdom is absolute cr%p, there are some good programmes on.

Did anyone watch the David Attenborough programme on Sunday about the tigers in India.

Sure did. I thought it was very good to. Looking forward to the next episode...

Did you see the deer described as "Spotted Deer"? I wondered if they were a type of fallow?


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Is it a sign of getting older or is the TV really dross these days? I may only be 35 but almost every good programme that i can think of is at least 10 years old!

The occassional documentaries were the last of the quality TV and Attenberough is now retired :(


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This evening I watched a wildlife program about the American hunter/naturalist Seaton. He had to track down and kill an alpha male Wolf called 'Lobo and his mate Blanca'. Everything he tried failed as the clever old Wolf would spring all of his traps. Eventually by trapping the female Blanco, Seaton got Lobo. It took four of the old leg breaking traps to stop the Wolf though. In the end Seaton could not kill this marvellous animal, he was over come by the majestic creature. He took it back to his camp and released it, but it stayed sat in the camp just looking at the far away hills. In the morning Lobo was dead! The injuries and the loss of his mate led to his unfortunate demise. :(

What a program!


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Wolfs are fascinating creatures, persecuted to much. The local wildlife park has a pack, I could spend hours watching them. I would love the chance to see these magnificent creatures in their natural environment. I am not sure it would be a good idea to release these creatures in scotland though, well it might deal with a few of those pain in the arse ramblers. :evil:
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