Anyone ever been there on a Holiday? We ( mr&mrs) fancy something different.

Yes, went a few years ago.

I really enjoyed it, did Tirana, Berat and a bit further north.

It was pretty cheap, the weather was good, the food was really nice.

There was a little old lady making and selling Byrek from a stall near my hostel, I lived on those!

It is like you may have seen on TopGear (when I went, anyway) where the only car you see is a 1980s E Class Merc.

Driving through the countryside was nice, some people scything crops by hand, donkeys pulling a few carts.

The people were friendly.

I'd go back.

For reference, an all inlcusive hotel, beach holiday or cruise is my idea of hell.
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We were in Corfu in September last year & I have to say the weather was lovely by then but we found it really expensive, even more than the UK & we really had to go off piste to find areas that weren’t rammed with the wrong sort of British tourists. We spent most of our time exploring remote hill villages & had a lovely time. I was aware that Albania was just 2 miles away & was likely to be cheaper & quieter with essentially the same climate. It got me quite interested so I look forward to hearing how you get on as I am certainly interested in exploring that part of the world further.
I remember getting ill for some reason (could happen anywhere) I dragged myself to a pharmacist in a very rural place. When I got there, I was greeted by quite an elderly man, I thought it was going to be hard translating, nope, perfect English!! He said the Russains taught him so he could understand 'the enemy'. He chuckled, sorted me right out.

Also arrived in a town late one night, found a small family hotel, more like their annex. It was around 10pm, the daughter dropped everything and insisted that she cooked for us.
Went there with the gf 6 years ago- at the time not well trodden tourist path. Great food and reasonably cheap. Probably now going the way of Croatia and become very popular.

we have been thinking about a trip to Albania or maybe serbia For next European Trip.
One of our " quiet neighbours " went on holiday and raved about Montenegro.
Good food ,nice clean accommodation and cheap as chips as the big holiday companies haven't got there yet.
When they do watch the prices skyrocket.
My GF did a month long tour with her mates in 2006, they went to Czech Rep, Slovakia (didnt like it), Hungary, Serbia, Montenegro (liked it), Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia (loved it) and finished in Germany.