ALDI Trousers

New Avon Arms


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I'm sitting with a pair on now - warm, comfortable, thick water proof, breathable and only a tenner.

I'm going back for some more tomorrow - well worth the money. Pleased I didn't spend a lot on over-trousers.

You can't try them on but I'm 6'2" and the large fitted me.


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Now we're coming in my size range - diameter that is :oops: Was large the biggest size?? Cheers, Rene.


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Hi all
I bought some today,I am 5"10 and the large are a little short in the leg.Is the fly on the wrong side?I thought they are unisex...
Wynsors world of shoes are doing hi tec magnums for £25 I wish I'd bought some now...


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Reading the email from Aldi...olive/black for women. black/brown for men. Don't think they are unisex. My wife is getting me some as I type...hope they are not too good or may have some explaining to do as to why I bought some Harkilla Kodiac's!!!
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