Alex Salmond


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The former first Minister of Scotland was walking about on his own today at the New Deer (Aberdeenshire) country show quite openly, stopping and chatting to people here and there. He even patted the odd passing Labrador, so maybe there is a hope of salvation for him.

Although I dislike the man, his fantasy economics and the dreams he is presenting to gullible individuals intensely, we should all be quietly proud that such a prominent politician can be at his ease in a busy public situation and not feel the need for a gun toting escort, body armour or a herd of minders. When we look around, it's a dangerous world with a lot of very unpleasant people ready to do harm to those with whom they disagree, but this is a pretty civilised little island where someone of his stature can be so at ease. Long may it continue.


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Agree with your sentiments on both counts 1. he's a fantasising dick, 2. it's great that our Scottish politicians get out and about with ordinary people.