Ali strikes again


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Ali strikes again​
A while back I did a little write up on out first female stalker and how on her first outing after passing her DSC1 shot her first Fallow doe in the morning then another two in the evening,
Well yesterday we had the pleasure of her company again, she turned up bright and cheerful despite the snow that had started to fall, She was sporting her new shooting jacket and trousers and was excited about the day ahead so we loaded up for the short drive to our first venue, on arrival Robin took Ali for a woodland stalk and I went to one of our high seats, I climbed into the seat brushed the snow away and made myself comfortable, as the dawn broke it stopped snowing and the day began to improve, I sat for around thirty minutes and apart from a big dog fox walking along the hedgerow saw nothing.
I heard the crack of a rifle and with that around thirty fallow appeared over the brow of a hill heading strait for me, then Robin came on the radio asking me to collect the quad so we could retrieve a pricket that Ali had shot off sticks at a range of around ninty yards, I said Sorry can’t talk now and put the radio down, the group had stopped in the middle of the field and I could see at least three good bucks amongst them.
I did put the cross hairs on the best buck then decided it was better left for a client
So I took a nice pricket that was standing away from the group.

I walked back to the car to collect the quad and saw another group of around eight does standing in the next field, by the time I reached Ali and Robin she had performed the gralloch so we loaded up and went to collect my pricked, Ali asked if she could do the business and with Robins guidance she did a good job, We Loaded the Quad onto the trailer and headed to the café for a well deserved breakfast.
The next venue was only a mile away and when we arrived the deer were in a field feeding with the horses next to the wood that we intended to stalk, Robin and Ali saw plenty of deer but non presented a safe shot.

At our final destination we parked up and could hear the sound of a helicopter which in fact turned out to be EDF checking the overhead power lines, we hoped that the noise would not stop the deer from feeding,

Robin And Ali went to one high seat and I sat in another, as the light faded Ali Shot a nice yearling and I shot a big doe, We loaded the trailer and took Ali back to her car, she took the yearling for her own consumption.

She has now shot five fallow in two outings, and once again she was a pleasure to be with, Very Well Done, cheers Geoff

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I think we are going to have to start limiting Ali's visits she is now shooting more per stalk than any of her male colleagues,
we can't have that:stir: mind you she is getting brilliant at the gralloch so it's not all bad :evil:

Well done Ali you are a credit to the stalking scene.

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She's putting us men to shame. Glad to here you're getting into them Geoff, well done. By the way, do you ever let Robin have a shot?! :stir:


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hi Darren, Yes Robin shot a couple the week before last, he did very well once he remembered how to load the thing the trouble is he would rather watch them than shoot them, cheers Geoff


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Well done Ali, must be the excellent guidance by the wise old man, I bet he is going to say "less of the old" ... but you can't fast track experience.

Nice write up Geoff enjoyed reading it and looking forward to our next outing.