Almost there......


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Just had a call from my FLO to say my FAC is in the post. That's a turn round of only 3 weeks from applying to them posting it to me. Well done Strathclyde!

For the last two years I've been out as a ghillie for a pal regularly and though he's offered me chances to shoot I've been happy to watch, question, learn gralloching and generally try and be a sponge to soak up his knowledge! I've another pal who has had me out on his range and also stalked with an estate rifle on his ground. My dog has benefited from all this time out as well.

I didn't think my cert would be here so quick but if it comes tomorrow I'll pick up my rifle, zero it, and then get out for the last week of the hinds.

I hope all the time I've been on the hill will pay off and I'll be able to enjoy a few successful days of hind stalking.



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I wish my authority could be half as quick!! My variation took 4 months and that was hurried through due to the necessity for my license to carry out my job. I have heard stories of them taking up to a year for a new application.

good luck on the hinds!!