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Looks photo shopped to me. If that was genuine, the arrow would be through the jaw/mouth. There would be a stack of blood.

see it shoot it

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if one hunts enough with what ever method rifle,bow even a spear the odd missed placed shot will happen.there some interesting comments which the photo obviously will attract.
the question should be "is the photo genuine"

Heather Hugger

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Aye but the arrow could of been pulled back whilst walking through scrub/undergrowth.

​Still thow, dont believe everything on the internet.


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I saw a picture of a Canada Goose with an arrow straight threw it yesterday.

​That defiantly looks fake to me. The damage that arrow would have done to the deer would have been horrific


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Now imagine what the general public would be thinking on seeing that photo wether it`s photoshopped or not.
All done for the shock effect and to discredit the naughty, bad, horrible hunter.


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Click on the green link 'a heartbreaking photo' takes you to her facebook page with 2 more pics from the last 24 hrs that don't look photoshopped to me chaps.

Just ignore the comments and scroll down to see them


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The 1st one would be hard to photoshop blurry wouldn't it?


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There must be a photoshop expert on here who can deconstruct the photo - if, that is it is a fake.

For me it is real.

​Tragic yes, but not surprising.


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