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I know that it's a regular topic on the forum but, thurs I puchased some rounds.. . Rem243 75g BT @ £18 +vat and Sako .308 150g @ £20+vat which I thought was reasonable. But I also needed 12g shells , £6.45 + vat for 34grm N0 5 Express. Damn I didn't know shotty ammo had gone up so much!! I'm sure I only payed £4.65 inc, a box last season! I know everything's gone up, but the shells seem to have gone up a lot more than the rounds! Am I paying too much, or is just under £8 abox about the going rate??


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I bit the bullet (ha) and bought 6,000 assorted cartridges in 1995 in all 3 guages i use and the cost then was around £85/1000 for Gamembore....


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i bought two boxes of 30g 5s today and they were £6.35 each, my usual clay cartridge is now a bit over £50 dearer per thou than when i started a coiuple of years ago


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I was getting Remington 50gr sp .222 for £12.50 box from Crocketts of Glasgow, was in the other week didnt have any so went to Glasgow Field Sports £25.99 a box:(
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luke wady

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relaoding is the way to go with rifles, if you shot more that 100 round in cal per year, lee kit plus die cost £150( ,Lee Precision: Breech Lock Challenger Kit) tray Of primes £3 box of bullet fron £15 to £45 per 100 powder £45 ( 180 loads per pound in .243 size case)

so you pretty much set up for cost of 200 factory

Heym SR20

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410 cartridges at £6 per box - can I get reloading dies for the 410 that fits a normal rifle press. Given that use little powder and shot reloading will be the way to go methinks.

ndt man

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Went into local gunshop for some 243 have not purchased any for years as I reload all my own. But due to emergency I had to buy some so I asked what he had ? so he said I have Winchester and sako me standing in the shop with 40 pounds thinking I will take two boxes when I asked about the price £32 for Winchester and £36 for the sako well I just stood in shock the words just fell from my lips I said you robbing ba----d.well I just had to apologise he just stood and looked at me and I had to just leave the shop when I told my mate about it he said yes but you meant it.( this i all true about 3 years ago)