Ammo through the roof


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I was talking to a guy at McMillan yesterday about the whereabouts of my stock ( but thats another story ), one thing led to another and I asked about business.
He said they could not keep up with the stock or the rifle side as demand was so high. All down to the change in government and what legislation Obama and his team were going to bring in.

One thing he told me was that the gun trade were very worried about ammunition going right through the roof, i e tax's.
If you can't take their guns away, tax the hell out them.
So what you might say is, well that would have to have a big knock on effect around the world and if ammo and reloading components go through the roof in the US what the hell will it cost when it gets here. :eek:

Not trying to scaremonger here but if you reload as I do it might be wise to stock up now on powder/ bullets and the like.

Has anyone else heard anything similar :confused:



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Prices have gone up due to the weak pound agaisnt the dollar and the euro

the main problem we have in the shop is getting bullets and ammo from the states ie hornady and federal

this isnt new alot of the gear we have been waiting for atleast 6 months.


steve hunter


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I brought a 2000 primers and Max'ed my limits on the number of bullets that I am allowed to keep on my FAC, brought powder as well. The thing is that the gunshop was empty :eek: I have been going in there for 21 years and it is the first time I have been in on a Saturday afternoon and found the shop with no other customers.

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I think this is a good idea to approach the limits of your ticket for ammo.
It's always the same,something happens in the states & it's causes a much worse affect over here. Any shortages would be a pain in the arse for all the stalkers on here I would think.
I'll keep on trying to get in touch with my local RFD to stock up before his own ammunition levels run out!